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  1. Reload (R by default) will cancel bow draw. Chain Link can be crafted (metal fence in forge), hold Reload to change the type of fence. I second your request to be able to craft the Barbed Wire used in Prefabs (could be added as a shape to the Metal Fence). Blaster
  2. I half way agree, there has to be some randomness to moving forward, if progression were straight forward the game would be boring by day 14. Weapon skills were the old progression method, I actually liked that. Want to get better with a Bow, then use one! Same way with the ability to craft a better bow, as you got better with it you could craft better bows. Played a mod that uses that affect, love it. I currently hate what Crack-a-Book has become (mostly paper, though I do understand). At least add a modifier to the code for "Player Knows -50%, Player doesn't know +50%). I also dislike that Better Barter removes lower skill books/recipes from the vendor (not sure I should say how I found out), having a book/recipe/item disappear cause I increased my skill really does stink!!!!!. Better Barter should add to the list of items for sell and not remove what was already there (lower tier). Blaster
  3. My guess (haven't dug that deep into the code) but I bet if you're naked you get 3 or perhaps clothing (pants, shirt, coat) gives you three. Check it out and let us know. Blaster
  4. Indeed, there is definitely room for an addition to ammo/weapons from Blunderbuss to Shotgun. Over under black powder rifle comes to mind. A bit harder to code than a double barrel shotgun (which I haven't taken the time to figure out how both barrels fire at once, random?, I have rarely used it preferring to sneak attack with a bow and pistil early game.) Blaster
  5. n^n (3^3) is 27 more calculations per CPU flop, (4^4) is 256. Now compare these times 4 and (you do the math "256x256", new CPU's can do it but many older systems would suffer). The game has already limited calculations to set intervals to allow for better graphics (which are awesome btw). Not to say it's a "Pimp Dream" but that is the topic of this thread. Blaster
  6. Umm, ok, I love your enthusiasm but it's a bit complex for a game that people play to escape the reality we live in. Excellent creativity though. perhaps you should apply for a job with the company as a graphics designer. Blaster
  7. Basically a ZIP gun (not to wave a finger but some of these weapons were already created by mod people). I'll end my comments there cause more might cause trouble. Blaster. P.S. Pipe Machine Gun? Come on, making something out of pipes and duct tape that can cycle rounds is some seriously advanced skills. ).
  8. Guess I simply can't relate, when I come back from a "mining/trash/loot that big @%$*#! building" run I load my benches with what I need and on to the next one, Sounds like you have some self centered players or you/they don't have 2 stations of their own. Every additional player requires at least 1 additional station. Make others work for their reward (I use three forges at this point, I might be mistaken but it seems Bullet Casing was changed to take almost twice as long as Bullet Tips). (Casing/Tips, Iron/Steel, 2x Gun Power, Food/Water, 2x mods, 2x weapons). Guess I'm just happy splitting the crafting time in half. Blaster
  9. Chain link is craftable (Metal Fence in forge). Hold R and change shape. The barbed wire on many POI's still isn't, I too would like that ability. Blaster.
  10. Simply allow picking up any item you placed within your "clam block" would a great improvement, have thought that for quite some time now. Blaster
  11. Sort of like "Tough Glue" we all know what that graphic really is. lol
  12. Gamestage is a calculation that controls may aspects of the game, you suggest creating more calculations to the game that would have to be compared every horde/sleeper/day7 spawn which if too many are added/compared would exponentially increase CPU load which isn't terrible at the moment but would have a significant affect on game performance. Not that I dislike the idea just more involved than I think you realize. I would like to be able to assign multiple mouse/keyboard keys to the same function (yes it can be done with third party tools but I'd rather it just be a feature). Many games have had alternate key assignments for decades (mostly I just like the ability to move forward and harvest materials with the mouse, combat requires a bit more interaction, so alternate movement keys would be a great start) Blaster (Thread hijacker since 1995, kidding, it just seems that way).
  13. Right, I have until recent changes only used 2 of each (bench, forge, chem, etc). It seems a recent update made Bullet Casing take longer than Bullet tips so now I have 3 forges. I build heavy forts vs large ones (steel covered concrete) with the "come get some" or "come and take it" mentality. I've played a few modded versions with "better crafting stations" and pretty much ended up with a zero gain by day 49 (time vs effort combined with added raw materials/items/etc.). RNG is a fickle mistress, some times she's happy, sometimes she's sad. Rare items either rain down or they're "Pipe Dreams". Anyhow, always up for more additions to the game, add a forge, add an item (cause it can't always be win/win for the player). Blaster
  14. RNG has definitely dealt me some wins and losses in my current game (my only guess unless it's some bug). I looted a full set of Level/Quality 6 padded armor by day 4 or so and have struggled to find most L/Q 6 other armor even by day 49. I wasn't upset (I was thrilled tbh) cause I mostly use the padded armor for the first 20 levels of so anyhow. At the same time I found very few mods for said armor making the reward less of a reward and more of a poke in the eye, lol. Semi similar affect with weapons, level 6 primitive bow followed by a level 6 wooden bow yet only a level 3 compound bow by day 49. Very few compound bow and compound crossbows for that matter, may have just been my RWG luck but who knows. Decided to play a small map since large maps tend to just spread the cities out more vs spawn more POI's. Definitely found more motor tool parts than motor tools, rarely use them prior to day 35 anyhow, I tend to balance most perks early on and make all my weapons/tools/skills more effective (1 is infinitely larger than 0). Blaster
  15. I've always just kind of accepted that you only got a new mod slot every other level of weapon 1, 3, 5 and the coveted 6. That combined with the RNG that can make a level 3 weapon as good as a level 5 with no detrimental mods (silencer, of course I only mean the dmg portion as being quiet is an excellent advantage). That combined with additional mods being added to the game I feel it would be an incentive for players to craft a 2 or 4 for the added slot. 1-6 quality = 1-6 mods or start at level 2 with 1 mod and progress to 5 at level 6. Could adjust Zombie HP to compensate (shhh, don't tell the players that part). Blaster
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