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Server PVE Arena Prefab

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In A18 a player asked for an arena to fight zeds in. It has no sleepers but uses server mods/managers to spawn zeds to fight. There are 3 versions, 1 has more advanced electrical features with automated "pit" doors that open to release the zeds into the combat area. Takes a little bit of work to set up and as far as i know it can only be "reset" during server restarts with scrips that replace the region file with a "fresh" wired up region file. It also uses a mod (Phds Better Lights) to have red industrial lights that can be connected to motion sensors etc.


There is also a Vanilla electricity version and unpowered vanilla version. You can use Botmans Arena features or make your own custom waves with CSMM. It's build to allow passing hordes or screamers to navigate through the pit tunnels and into the combat area, so they can join the fight :) Full install & setup instructions are included in the download, including the reset scrips.


A19 Nazy's Arena: Download







Arena Trailer




Arena Demo




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