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Better food Buffs

Adam the Waster

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How many players make corn bread? probably not many! how many people just cook meat to get by? Many!


So here is a few ideas  


l bacon and eggs give a 25% HP boost

Meat stew Up melee damage buy a small bit

Veggie stew ups ranged damage by a small bit 

fish tacos make you lose less stamina and swim faster

Blue berry pie Up damage Resistance (like armor)

Hobo stew makes you stronger in harsh environments or just make you survive the elements better

Spaghetti gives you a jump boost and makes you take less fall damage!

Shepard's pie gives you a Harvest boost (scraping, mining and harvesting)

Steak and potatos give boost to strength and gives you increases carry wight

Tuna fish and gravy toast Make you super stealthier

Sham chowder makes you heal faster and makes you recover from injuries faster

Pumpkin pie makes you stealthier

Pumpkin bread lowers recoil

Chill dog gives you a Rage like boost! (don't ask)

Corn on the cob makes you reload faster

Corn bread lowers melee stamina usage 

boiled eggs help boost Looting (small amount)

Gumbo stew allows you to run and gun! (with out perk) and boost Agility


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