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Clear quest in the tier 4 Shamway Store


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The new Shamway Store is a great POI but doing a Clear Quest in there is frustrating.


There are some zombies that don't seem to react to anything at all. I can make as much noise as I want, they won't come out of their hiding place. I spent half a day searching for the last three zombies.

Two were hiding in the false ceiling and a crawler was hiding inside a machine surrounded by an iron fence. If I hadn't found the crawler by accident I would never have found him because he didn't even move when I stood 2m in front of the machine and he wasn't visible on the compass.


Only after I killed the crawler did the other two appear as yellow dots on the compass. 


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30 minutes ago, iejen said:

I understand the reason though. Otherwise if you'd shot a gun in the factory the zombies would come from the whole building. Have fun with 50+ zombies at once. Either you die, or your CPU does..

I'm well aware of that. But the factories are designed in such a way that if you follow the path you will come across every single zombie. But the new shops are designed in such a way that there is no real path anymore. In the case of the Shamway Store it is a gigantic room with a high ceiling. This of course causes problems when you set the spawn points of the zombie in the false ceiling.

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