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Random Weather Effects


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So think about a weather effect to go with your normal game play - Weather effects can happen randomly between blood moons or during which can be set by controls in the games settings


Tornado - This will spawn a column of air which will pick up objects and zombies and then release them in the direction the Tornado is heading. Trees will also be thrown dealing damge to structures it hits dealing amount equal the trees health. As the Column of air crosses a area where there is a structure (both POI and player-made) it will deal damage over time as it crosses over the object. Below is a scale of the diameter or the column and structural damage it deals. Normal Zombies spawn three times as much during this event.


F1 - 10 blocks 125 points of structural damage

F2 - 15 blocks 250 points of structural damage 

F3 - 20 blocks 500 points of structural damage

F4 - 25 blocks 1000 points of structural damage

F5 - 30 blocks 2000 points of structural damage



Earthquakes - This results in a scale of 1-10 randomly selected to represent the Richter Scale. This will last for a random time frame of 10-50 seconds. Lastly the final effect is based on the Richter scale which will reduce the blocks structural limits by 1 per 10 seconds the earthquake is set to last. Below is a chart to show what blocks are effected at what level of the Richter Scale. (this will only effect player-made structures, blocks within range of sleeping bag/bed and land claim block) - Zombie animals spawn three times as much during this event.


1 - Wood Blocks
2 - Reinforced Wood Blocks
3 - Metal Reinforced Wood Blocks

4 - Flagstone / Cobblestone
5 - Iron Frames
6 - Iron Blocks
7 - Reinforced Iron Blocks
8 - Concrete
9 - Reinforced Concrete Blocks
10 - Steel Blocks

Flash Floods -  During this event the weather will start raining and during that time each in game hour will increase the water table of the game by one until the rain stops. This can last up to 3-4 days. After the event is over the water Table will lower at half the rate (2 hours of no rain) until it returns to the normal level. Animals spawn more three times as much during this event.


Blizzard/Sandstorm - Both these events work in the same format they last a number in game hours randomly selected from 3-12 hours in which it either increases or decrease the temperature in the game. This also reduces the range of weapons by 5 blocks per 3 hours. All movement is reduced making a player suffer additional encumbrance for each hour the storm rages on. Burning/lumberjacks spawn three times more often during this event. 


Thunder Storm - This event has bolts of lighting strike down from the sky randomly dealing damage ranging from 10-90% health to any PC/NPC out in the open. all metal items one has on their person (tool-belt/backpack/armor/Vehicles) increase the chances of being targeted by lighting. - This could introduce a lighting rod item used to protect those near it and funnel the damage into energy to recharge batteries. This event can happen whenever there is rain or a blood moon.


IF you have any ideas or suggestions to add to this idea please comment below.

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I think it's a really sick idea but the amount of work this would take to code into the game, along with all the crazy bugs that would no dought happen. seems like it would be something they would do for 7d2d (2) 

If any of these made it to the current game it would probably be the floods


It is truly to bad they have so much on there plate to put in alot of the community's great ideas. 

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