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  1. This would be nice. Maybe if eatch one used 50 papper for the blue print and then resource requirements or somthing like you stated above. Also maybe if the item had to be fully repaired as well this could balance it a bit.
  2. Looking at it from just a mod point of veiw yes 3 and 4 are the same but lvl 4 has more durability so you have to repair it less. There are some small advantages of lvl 4 or the inbetween mod lvls if you will. Also at lvl 6 the amount of mods you can slap on feels like enough especially if you have 2 or more at 6. if they tried an experimental change like this it would be neat to see how it worked and if every one enjoyed it as much
  3. Adding extra spaces would work ones that the pocket mods dont effect. Or if they added a extra perk like when overencumbered you reduce the debuff by 10% per lvl or somthing along that line. It definitely needs to be tweaked some how imo
  4. Even if they added the basic one that would be cool. dont think it will happen but damb man good post.
  5. Once they add more NPCs I hope we will see a couple new quest honestly any of these would be a great addition
  6. Yeah that would be a cool dynamic or difficulty setting. Essentially hardcore mode 1 life and like minecraft were the world spawns if you die
  7. I kinda agree with the infected fish thing but the fact that theres animals that are not infected makes fishing possible idk if you have ever tried to get a fish with your hands but there pretty quick
  8. I think that's what the idea is but there are still bugs with it. Its supposed to be a guard or to give you more time when it blocks a door way. Currently the zeds walk through it pretty easily. I think there trying to fix that.
  9. Yeah the AK kills me as well. But my suggestions were to just make them 9x19 the dev's dont want to add to many ammo types. Lol could you imagine an mp7 for pvp thing fires so fast the game would probably break . Also I was kinda thinking they would add a little ap to the p90. Nothing crazy but make it a good t3 weapon that competes with the new auto shotty and machine gun for late game hordes.
  10. I think it's a really sick idea but the amount of work this would take to code into the game, along with all the crazy bugs that would no dought happen. seems like it would be something they would do for 7d2d (2) If any of these made it to the current game it would probably be the floods It is truly to bad they have so much on there plate to put in alot of the community's great ideas.
  11. Would the p90 work as the top tier SMG for your idea? there is the pp keder and a couple others that would work for low tier SMGs but the teck would be sweet Also I agree that there should be a better reload for the shot gun 2 shells takes alot of emerson out of the gun play. Even if they added a speed loader animation or somthing that would look alot better.
  12. Having that mod for the bow is a good idea. as long as it took longer to close the cross hairs when aiming and hip fire had a larger spread aswell. Cross bows do a lot of damage as is and multi shot would make small hordes do able witch saves you ammo for horde night.
  13. 1 per biome would be good and the biggest and hardest would be a secret under ground one. And it could even be a quest line so you slowly take them out as you progress. Screamers could be a hospital or something. One for zombie animals like a zoo or somthing would be cool aswell
  14. I like this idea but what if it was a nuclear plant and when you broke it. You got rid of radiated zombies or they were much less frequent in late game. And you could choose to "move on to a different map" cause the rads are gone from the edge of the map and when you move maps you prestege or somthing. like you would start with 1 extra skill point and still have your book perks .
  15. I would love to see the 3 tiered screamers. Maybe a hippy looking one for the animal calling one or somthing funny like that
  16. Couple of ideas for TFP to consider First off would be simple fishing.(it would be much like mine crafts fishing) wait for a bobber to go into water hit the action key and a fish goes into your inventory. I would like to also touch on how I think this could be balanced. Early game you would be able to make a wooden rod that has a high chance of breaking upon catching a fish or junk. Around 50 or 70% as it is early game you can't give easy food out. Next would be an iron rod that has a higher chance for fish and a 40 or less % chance at breaking . Lastly would be fiberglass rod made from military fiber and glass in the forge or something . High chance of fish low chance of breaking. Now my other way might be a lot more work and TFP have a lot of there plate but it would require fish AI and spawns...you would have a fish AI that had hit points so you could use a spear or bow hunt from a dock or shore line. Once dead you harvest it or possible just pick up and scrap it for meat and bones. Witch every way is easiest to code in. Now for the main reason I think fishing would be a great content update later on...The canner it's either a replacement for the beaker in the fire place or it's own work station it makes canned food, this would be late game like the crucible for the forge. You could craft canned salmon and sham for high tier food options. This crafting would require empty can,paper,meat,glue. Meat could be changed for water and veggies for miso and other canned goods. As we all know canned food is really good and other then quest and buried treasure its kinda hard to find so late game crafting would be a nice touch.
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