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updated in geforecenow????


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1 hour ago, excalybur said:
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Buenos días.

se actualizara el juego alpha 19 en geforcenow????



Good Morning.
alpha 19 game is updated in geforce now ????

Hello excalybur !

You can play A19, Experimental on GeForce Now.


Search for Steam on GFN, and play it like you normally do with a game1.thumb.png.f0570047713baf7bc448fa14819067ae.png


As you log in into Steam, follow these instructions to opt in Alpha 19 Experimental:


1) right click on 7 Days to Die in your library

2) select properties

3) click on the betas tab

4) click on the drop down menu

5) scroll down to reveal latest_experimental unstable build and click on it







The game has some memory issues, so you need to expect crashes even when you open your inventory. 

If you play on medium settings the game is less likely to crash. In addition, don't look at the tree's leaves.


Also, you need to do update to A19 Experimental manually every time you log in a game with GeForce Now. This is from what I know... I did some tests with Offline Mode, trying to stop the game from updating, but it didn't work

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