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Character gone after crash


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today I had a crash due to power issues. After booting up my box I saw that my character disappeared form the "continue game" menu, though the save game files seem to be  still on ym hdd. any idear how to recover them ?

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%appdata%/7daystodie/saves        (type this into the run box or in file explorer)


Go to your game, youll see files with the .bak extension on them. Remove the same files without the .bak, and simply rename the .bak ones and remove the .bak. Do this in the player folder too.



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Well thx, Jugg. I found a "workarround" by creating a new game on the same map and copying both, the new main.ttw and main.ttw.bak into my corrupted savegane. Now it's loadble again. My Char and Base still exist. Only thing I am missing is my bicycle, but thats not mutch of a problem.

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