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Can't start A19 with MAC


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Hello guys, 


few minutes ago I installed the new A19 at my MAC about steam. But now when I start the game, the 7DTD icon appears in my Mac navigation bar and disappears after a few seconds – the game will not start anymore.

I already cleared my savedatas.


How can I fix it?


Thanks for help!

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Find in forum:


1. RIGHT-CLICK "7DaysToDie" application in Finder (see previous steps)

2. CLICK "Show Package Contents"

3. CLICK into "Contents" folder

4. CLICK into "MacOS" folder

5. DOUBLE-CLICK "7 Days To Die" executable

6. OBSERVE the game starts and plays. Whoot!


It´s work

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(For Alpha 19)

I've tried exactly that, but there is no executable file in the "MacOS" folder, only a file called "run.sh"


It just opens as a text file.


Even when I downgrade back to A18 (which still works there's still just that same file in there.


(I was going to make a copy of it, then upgrade.. but like I said it's still not there)


Any suggestions?

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Sorry, maybe I did not explain myself well:

- you start the game from steam
- select "show game launcher"
- click "tools"
- click "open game folder"
- right click on the app
- follow the steps I mentioned

It opens a "Terminal" window for me and starts the game

It works for me

If I can help you with something else, tell me

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So I've got a better "fix" for this than downloading the entire game..


* Right click the game in Steam, and click Properties

* Click the "Local Files" tab at the top of the popup

* Click the "Browse Local Files" button, which will open a Finder window (do not close the Steam Properties popup)

* Right-Click the "7DaysToDie.app" file and choose "Show Package Contents"

* Double-Click the "Data" folder

* Right-Click and Move To Trash, the folder named "Config"

* Back in the Steam popup window click the button: "Verify Integrity of Game Files"

* This causes the game to discover the directory you deleted (all 14.3MB worth of files) and re-download them

* Close the Steam pop-up and click Play in Steam as you normally would to run the game.


Hope this helps someone else not have to sit and wait for the entire game to download!

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That is a way better solution than re-installing the game from scratch.

P.S. Same for me with crappy fps on lowest settings possible. It runs fine for a few seconds around 40sh fps, then when you turn it goes down to like 2-5 fps and keeps like this for 3-5 secs Thant it is back to normal for few more seconds or until I turn the camera.

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