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Black powder weapons! Plus Bow update!

Adam the Waster

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sense A19 has a big focuses on Primitive gameplay! i and many people were thinking of Black powder weapons. Plus i had some ideas in here for bows and how to make them a bit better!


(they all could have a makeshift look and they all uses "black powder ammo" and it goes for all Black powder weapons)


Flintlock: (Class: pistol!) (Cost: 1 glue, 10 wood, 2 iron pipes, 15 scrap metal) It has a faster reload then most black powder weapons and the damage is ok but the range is rather poor. it can hit stuff from a OK distance! but nothing like the normal pistols!


Musket: (CLASS: Rifle) (cost: 2 glue, 15 wood, 4 iron pipes, 25 scrap, 5 leather) it has a kinda slow reload but its ok!, the Damage is nice but it has some kick! not as good as a hunting rifle, the Range is fine, the hunting rifle can beat it though.


Revolving Rifle: (Class: AR) (Cost: 4 glue, 15 wood, 7 iron pipes, 25 scrap, 2 mechanical parts) With the slowest reload! it makes up for it in DPS, it has 6 shots but has a Slow reload and is not as strong as a Musket but it is stronger then a Flint lock! the Range is kinda poor, Much better then the blunderbuss and a bit better then a flintlock, but Much Less then a musket, Any AR can outbeat it but, its better then nothing!





Bows: Bows have a few special ability that would make you want to uses them more. 

Lung shot: if you hit a animal or a zombie around the lungs, they will bleed, slowdown and make less noise! good for steath!

Cripple: *skyrim guard joke!* if you hit the legs you can severally slow down zombies for a short time!


Primitive bow: its range is ok nothing special, Ok draw back! Damage is fine! but it is great for early on Stealth damage!


Wooden bow: range is good!, Fastest draw back for a bow!, Damage is good! and its nice for stealth damage! better cripple ability


Compound bow: Range is SUPER!, Slow draw back but VERY HIGH DAMAGE!, can make zombies fall from there feet!, Nice for stealth damage, and can Penetrate through zombies with iron and steel arrows! and is just great!


New mods: Reflex sight!, Scope, laser sight, Arrow rest (Faster reload) 


Crossbows! they also have a few differences then a normal bow!

Slight Armor penetration! The Farther the arrow! the more armor! 25% Max!

More durability!

and Lung shot but not as strong!   


Crossbow: Better reload!, makes some sound but its low!, and Good damage, nice range! a new look!. and has a slightly faster reload then a wooden Bow!


Compound Crossbow: slightly slower reload, A bit less damage then a Compound bow but makes up for it in Range! nature 10% armor penetration, can go though zombies with iron or steel arrows! 


New mod! Repeating Crossbow mod!


Wooden Crossbow: can Hold 5 normal arrows but only 1 special arrow (fire and explosive) and is a lever action! slower reload, Fire underwater! and new look!


Compound Crossbow: can Hold 8 arrows but only 1 special arrow! (fire and explosive), Semi auto (can be turned into full auto!), Fire Underwater, slower reload!, and New look!



Revolving Rifle

Remington Revolving Rifle: Loading and Shooting Remington's First ...

Repeating crossbow (wood)


Chinese repeating crossbow | Mandarin Mansion

repeating compound crossbow

The Cobra RX Adder Is the World's First Tactical Repeating ...


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Not going to comment on the bow/crossbow suggestions beyond saying that I think the ones we have of those are fine.

As for the primitive firearms:

1st: Flintlock is an action type used by black powder muskets (rifled or smoothbore), shotguns/blunderbusses (there were non-blunderbuss black powder shotguns) and pistols. Other black powder actions include matchlock, wheellock and cap lock (the blunderbuss in game is a cap lock, identifiable by the little brass percussion cap that the hammer strikes and is replaced as part of the reloading). For consistency going with single shot cap lock pistols and muskets meshes up better with the blunderbuss.

Cap lock pistol which might make an okay starting point for an in game version:



A fancier one:



2nd: A "cattleman" revolver carbine as the primitive MG (it is basically a long barreled and stocked Colt single action army pistol, you have to pull back the hammer between each shot)? Why not a volley gun (the shoulder fire version, not the ducks foot style pistol or artillery piece)?

Sort of like this (just with the flintlock mechanism changed out for a cap lock similar to the pistols in the spoilers above):




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