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Sleeper Spawn delay


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I've been away from 7d2d for ages now, I'm glad to be back! Though there has been a persistent issue on my server with sleeper spawns when running modded compo-pack, Darkness Falls, Ravenhearst or other maps. The issue is that sleepers in larger POI's but not exclusively larger ones do not spawn in until sometimes long after a player has began exploring said POI. Part way through exploration all the sleepers will quite literally "appear from nowhere" and most often will at least remain in "sleep mode" (until any given player might move or fire loud weapons as normal) at which time said players, depending on thier luck or stealth will then have a full POI of entities hunting them down. 

While this makes for some interesting and dangerous exploration, it's clearly not as intended. The best answer I can come up with is server sync issues. Yet with only 5% of my server CPU being used most of the time and with only 30-40% of it's ram being used even during horde nights. I am at a loss to explain what the issue is.

We did have the issue resolve itself for the most part (that being "pop-in" as we've come to call it was almost entirely unnoticable) until a few of Guppy's mods were added (nothing that affected zeds or POI's overall mind you) at which point the "pop - in " issue remerged.

Clearly this is related to modding - or the stress related to using a variety of mods. Yet, I fail to see how our server in specific seems to have issues with this yet few if any I've reached out too have experienced it, and the mods in question are pretty heavily used so I fail to find myself willing to simply accept this as a mod centric issue flat out.

I've looked over server config and have had max zeds very low... I've had it very high.. no major shift. Transfer speed is set to 1,300 (max my config editor allows), and world size is 8k.

I'm stumped - I'd really prefer *not* to rollback to a lighter mod load but I have no other answers. I also cannot simply overlook this issue as it interferes with simple play.

Please advise.

More information available upon request.

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Well the first and most major Mod is Compopack, we've had the following mods on the server with no delay on sleeper spawn. Each of the mods is unedited excepting a few quick cuts of "business glass pane" from recipe requirements until after I retrain myself to add components to unity driven mods for the sake of additional depth (IE adding more Flags to Fun with Flags for example)

Better Books, BillBoards, Claymore_Working_Jaildoors, Delmod Kitchen, FunwithFlags, Guppycur's_Placeable_Light_System, JaxTeller718_WorkingMicrowave, JunkItems, LazMan_s Storage Container Mod (Thats you ! hehe), Radios, SMXHud/Ui/Menu, Valmar's Expanded Player Storage, Valmar's Starter Class System, War3zuk Kitchin Utils, War3zukl Movie Posters PBH, Zombie Pinups.

With those mods running "Pop in" didn't exist. Or if it did the delay was unnoticeable.


Guppycur's :
Commercial Blocks, Commercial Kitchen Blocks, Door Blocks, Fireworks, Flame Thrower (With added recipe change allowing the flamethrower to actually exist in crafting for players), Misc Blocks, Misc Blocks_2, Orc Pack, Placeable Light System, Riot Shield, Victorian Blocks

The issue then "returned" I say returned because we've ran the Compopack with Darkness Falls and Ravenhearst in the recent past and on RWG Maps or even in larger POI's such as the DF Main Labs on DF_Small04 "Pop in" was a serious issue. I sought Khaine's aid on the topic before and the best answer we could come up with was server sync. This eventually led to using not only less mods but smaller maps - neither seemed to really "solve" the issue until we would start using accompanying maps for the above mods (As mentioned DFalls Small04 as example).

You ask if it only happens on POI's. Yes, the issue (Ill try to film it later when I have access to the game again) is specifically that on our RWG (Nitro) map built using Compopack (Most recent, what? 43?) we had no problems.
We'd notice all spawns operated normally and if any delay on spawn existed it wasn't noticeable.

To me it clearly seems to be a mod issue (I presume due to amount of mods but I cannot say) and the issue is specifically POI driven, appears to mostly involve larger POI's or POI's in Zed dense areas (Read, Cities) and the symptom is simply put as above, Zeds won't appear within a building until well after a player has been inside of it and explored normally, for a few unspecified moments. Imagine a larger 3 story building... making it midway through it looting as normal (say a warehouse) then BANG all the expected sleepers that were NOT present... suddenly are, and often also immediately rise to attack at once. It should be added that building size only *seems* to be a factor as some have reported the issue in smaller single story POI's as well.

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Here's that vid. 

Yes, in this case I am in fly/god mode but the symptoms arise even in normal circumstances.

You'll notice around the mid point of the room the animal cage exemplifies the issue well, also upon exit from the building a freshly risen zed has spawned in behind me and is walking my direction - wasn't visibly present/spawned in before that (I could argue that the zed was hiding on the floor, but I disagree that it would have been spawned in immediately)

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Yeah this is probably a needle in a haystack.  Maybe too many entities alive at once is one possibility.  Who is hosting the world?  Perhaps it's a server/system performance issue.


Side note, probably best move this into the mod section and not PC Bug Reports as the QA team wont be able to help with this.


It might be worth testing a local copy of your world/mod setup to see if problem persist.  That would help u isolate issue further.



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Thanks for the advice, and sadly, I feel the same way. And good call I will move to the appropriate sub-forum as I agree that overuse of mods is likely connected to the issue. Such as creating sync/transfer delays of a few seconds or longer, enough to create the symptom of slow spawn in as related to data speeds. I am using pingperfect.com as you ask.

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I am not experiencing this singularly - it's an issue across each users end and has been reported to me as server admin so I do not have all user hardware details. I can suggest that most of the users rigs operate on Ryzen 5 2700 or higher with 2060 rtx as the least powerful card among the users and I think I personally have the lowest RAM at 16 - hence the lack of shared PC specific info. Were I experiencing this issue on a specific rig I'd have been more open with rig details at the outset. But with 12 varied users each with mid to top tier rigs and the issue arising only after adding more dense mod load even I have to agree that the overall issue is mod burden related and likely paired with the Alpha state of the game and server/user sync and it should have rightly been listed in the mod/general support section of the forum.

Allow me to share my own personal DxDiag to at least honor the valid point of hardware interference on my end personally.

Regardless, I'll keep trying to find more ideas, and I thank all involved so far for help/advice. Thank you.


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