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"Failed Retreiving Server Information!"


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A dedicated server rented from a reputable hosting service (had a previous one as well) continues getting this error on the server browser in game after the server client has been running without a reset for more than a day. Ran a plethora of searches. Found one mention with a fix or work around for the serverconfig.xml:

Deactivate or delete this line:

<property name="ServerDisabledNetworkProtocols"    value="SteamNetworking"/ >

Same issue regardless. One provider stated they recommend restarting servers multiple times a day. Temporarily resolves the issue, however, I'm seeking a permanent resolution.


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Don't remove or deactivate that line. Normally that would mean it goes back to the internal default which might as well be exactly the same setting. Just remove the word SteamNetworking, i.e.



If that doesn't help I would make another test and set 


to really make sure the litenetlib protocol isn't used.



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