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Continuous Crashes


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Alpha 18.4 (b4)


New game, saved file less than a month old. 

OS: Windows 10

MAP: Navegane 


This is my single-player game, I have played in multiple different worlds, verified my files, started without the anticheat you name it, It seems like after 30-60 minutes into gameplay my game crashes, My graphics are really low as I continue to believe that it happens, it doesnt seem to be a certain thing crashing me but after just playing it crashes.


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1 hour ago, Beelzybub said:

You're probably running out of memory, though that log files says you disconnected from Steam.

Check that your swapfile is set to be managed by Windows, and not manually set. Are you connecting

via wireless?

I was just informed it could have been I wasn't using the required amount of ram needed to run the game and to close any other programs I have in the background. And so far for the last 3 hours it hasn't crashed or went under 60 FPS

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