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Struggling to insert a prefab into a game


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I would like to insert the base I built in one game into another game.  I am struggling with this even after watching a number of videos on this topic.


One thing is that I am trying to just add it to an existing game - in other words not by using the World Editor.  The videos all say that "it is better to do it with the World Editor before starting a game.  They then go on to say that it is possible to also do it on a saved game but there may be some issues.


I am aware of one issue:  Regions that have been "saved" will have data in a region file.  The region file overrides the world data.


How much that matters I don't know but I am willing to lose whatever changes may be in the region where I am trying to place the prefab.  Since this is a single player game and I want to insert the prefab in a more or less remote area, losign whatever changes had been made in that area is acceptable.


With all of that long-windedness, here is the issue I face:

I can't get the prefab to appear in the world.  I managed it once and now I can't figure out what I did to do it again.


I enabled create and debug mode, selected a block (or maybe an area), and then used the K menu to load it in.  And at some point I pressed Save all prefab locations and Also I used Apply BB positions.  And possibly some other buttons on that menu.


The first time nothing happened, usually what happens is I jsut get the light green outline showing the size of the prefab... and then I can't do antying with it.  Often then after that the prefab menu also have most functions disabled.  But sometimes they re-enable themselves.  I don't know why but find it incredibly frustrating.


There is just one secret button somewhere that I happened to press one time and now I can't do it again.


The fact that I can see the exact size of the prefab to be "installed" into the world makes me believe I'm so close to success.  I even have one building that did install into the world!


I have a few other questions, all things that make me incredibly frustrated.

1. I sometimes see people in videos flying fast.  I've had that by accident at times, but no idea how to do that or how to stopit once it starts.

2. How do you turn AI on/off

3. How do you teleport?




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I have now had some success.


I believe that I may have managed to somehow overwrite the prefab that I've been trying to insert with a big blank.


So in all likelyness, it worked, but did nothing.


I have managed to insert other (vanilla) prefabs... so I went back and created a new copy of my building, and then followed the simplest approach

Enter DebugMode and then "select" the South West corner of where I want the prefab

Press K and then Dynamic Prefabs, and then select the prefab, and then Load Into Prefab.

Then K and Dynamic Prefabs again, then Apply BB positions

Then finally K menu again and Save All Prefab locations.


I think those are the basic steps.  But now I just need to know how to I move it down, since the prefab needs to go down to have the right part be level with the surrounding terrain?


And how can I get the content of the Storage boxes to not be lost?

I know it is many questions but really there is no up to date FAQ with this info.


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