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Cutscenes Example


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Added a modlet on my repo that includes a Unity Package and a working example of implementing a cutscene in the game.  For the example I used the cutscene for the opening of Winterproject.  The xml will show this cutscene once on a new game then prevent it from auto showing again.  You can change the buff to show randomly during the game or using some other condition.  


You can replace the MP4 file with one of your choosing but you will need a matching soundfile if you want it to only play in the spawning players head like I have it configured.  Otherwise just let the .mp4 file have an audio track and everyone will hear the cutscene.



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Here is an example: 


In this example, the cutscene is triggered by a held item, but it can be triggered upon entering the game, with a buff, etc.

Another example is the "overlay" method, where the extra camera only renders at a distance.  There is a fps hit running 2 cameras at once, but the stuttering you see is because the video was spooled to a slow drive and I didnt notice until after I pushed the video.  But you get the idea.  



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