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Loot abundance [question]

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who knows which multiplier changes game parameter loot abundance? in loot.xml



<lootcontainer id="20" count="1,2" size="6,4" sound_open="UseActions/open_fridge" sound_close="UseActions/close_fridge" loot_quality_template="qualBaseTemplate">

<item group="coldfood" prob="0.7"/>

<item group="beverages" count="1,2" prob="0.3"/>



as I understand it, the multiplier loot abundance is multiplied by the parameter count = "".

If loot abund is 50%, count = "1" the box will be empty.

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I would like to make the minimum number of loot count equal to 1.


change the

default formula

item count=(count * loot abun*0.01) on item count=(count * loot abun*0.01) + (1-loot abun*0.01)


then dont will be 10 empty boxes out of 10, with a loot abundance of 25%.


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