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Vending machines should fear the 44 Magnum again!


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bugfixes in 18.4


-Intimidation with a 44 Magnum no longer works on vending machines


I am a firm believer that this bug was no bug in the first place, instead a charm of this beautiful game. I have poured 300+ hours into this game and I have to say I love the game's charm.

It may not be the prettiest zombie survival game but it sure as hell is probably the most fun, in my opinion.


This "bug" should be reinstated if yall agree with me!


Bring back the game's charm!

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Personally disagree; I don't think it was charming or anything of the sort. It's pretty clear the benefit from that book + magnum was meant to be the implication of threatening the trader for a benefit, and i wouldn't have expected that it worked on Vending machines; and in fact never used it that way.


That said, I don't particularly care if it does or doesn't.. So, good luck gathering support. :)

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