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  1. Animated through magic, or a parasite, or some weird fungus, or some other external source of one sort or another. Point being is that 'Undead' are pretty well into the direction of supernatural as it breaks natural laws or requires things that do not presently exist on a scale macro enough to affect a human being.. Meanwhile something like infected ala Left 4 dead implies a living rational being driven to some level of insanity by brain chemistry changes- a basically purely scientific and plausible scenario.. We already have precedent in a myriad of medical cases of true insanity, animal like behaviors, unbounded hostility, and more from subtle changes in brain chemistry that can be caused from a number of sources- Heck, We take drugs to alter our brain chemistry too, and look at the effects some of those can have on the body or mind.. And in the case of infected, the biggest worry of the undead, decomposition, is not much of a factor.
  2. Navezgane is the dev's handcrafted map. It should contain at least one instance of every POI and object in the game, last I checked. (Edit: The following information is current as of A18.4 on the PC version; I am unsure if it is wholly accurate on console: In fact, there are some POI's that are currently ONLY accessible in Navezgane, and cannot appear in RWG unless you're using a third party utility like Nitrogen.) I'm unsure if there is an existing community map that does what you mention though.. It wouldn't be all that hard to do yourself, though. Just a bit time consuming.
  3. What is the current purpose of Copper ore and Zinc ore, if any? It's not sellable to the trader, and as far as I've been able to craft around, it isn't used for anything that I can tell.
  4. Wheat is the only seed that you have to get from another source, the "Wheat" item itself is not plantable. To get plantable wheat seeds, it's a couple plant fiber each at the mortar & pestle. If your problem is that you have seeds, and can't plant them I've got nothing. And the only recipe I know that wheat has, is to be made into Flour, which is then used for Dough, which is used to make bread. Craft flour at the mortar & pestle as well.
  5. Have continued to play a lot more, and have gotten into weapon crafting (Which is very nice), It took me a bit to realize that there was a separate weapon crafting forge, which is awesome, But I've managed to find several copies of the Remington8 recipe book, and now supposedly have the recipe for a couple of the attachments for it...But I can't for the life of me find which station or work bench to craft them in. Am I overlooking it somehow? Or do attachments have to be found in the world only?
  6. So, my friend and I just started playing this, and it seems pretty expansive, Which is nice....My only concern is that it's day one, and I've been attacked by a number of bandits now... The first one I ran into was a sniper, who was a terrible shot.. Fired at me twice and I snapped around with my bow, nailed him in the head, and he fell over dead....dropping his sniper rifle, and 470 rounds of ammunition on the ground next to his corpse. Since then, I've run into six other bandits, who with the aid of my rifle, have been easily dispatched from a safe distance, and I'm now walking around with three sawed off shotguns, a pistol, a sniper rifle, and an absurd amount of ammo for each. is this intended(Or a known bug?), or did we somehow install the mod wrong? Side note, Getting painful lag out whenever opening or interacting with my inventory or using the search function in it.
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