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  1. Very much in agreement with this. Underground bases do not enjoy the absolute invincibility they once did; But they are still perfectly viable locations for a base; even on horde nights...You just have to think about what you're building a bit more and understand some more of the nuances of the zombies AI; Note: I do not mean to abuse the AI- Only that knowing a bit about how they might choose to try and reach you can help you intelligently design the base.
  2. Buzzard, spider, fat lady in that order. First is a pain, and can cause bleeding with a high chance- Also attacks from random directions, second can leap at you and possibly past you and damage you when you're distracted...Fat lady is slow and like any other normal zombie; just has more HP.
  3. Animated through magic, or a parasite, or some weird fungus, or some other external source of one sort or another. Point being is that 'Undead' are pretty well into the direction of supernatural as it breaks natural laws or requires things that do not presently exist on a scale macro enough to affect a human being.. Meanwhile something like infected ala Left 4 dead implies a living rational being driven to some level of insanity by brain chemistry changes- a basically purely scientific and plausible scenario.. We already have precedent in a myriad of medical cases of true insanity, animal l
  4. That...is an excessive amount of resolution. I like it. Also, 30gb? Jeez.. I wonder if that's more the resolution, Or the dramatically increased view distance to get the towns in? Does it get any kind of playable framerate, or did you have to set up the shot, then boost the resolution and such and take a screenshot?
  5. Personally disagree; I don't think it was charming or anything of the sort. It's pretty clear the benefit from that book + magnum was meant to be the implication of threatening the trader for a benefit, and i wouldn't have expected that it worked on Vending machines; and in fact never used it that way. That said, I don't particularly care if it does or doesn't.. So, good luck gathering support.
  6. You're pretty spot on with the guess of limited radius as I'm pretty sure that is the case; Each tier does have an increasingly large area it searches for valid POI's. T5 quests can send you basically anywhere in the map; T2 quests have a limit of something like 2500 meters though, i think? T3 is 2000~, T2 is 1500~, T1 is 1000~ -- These numbers are my personal experience; not numbers from an xml or anything. Sometimes you just end up with really bad luck and a trader might only have one or two POI's that fit a tier within range. Best bet would be to go to a second trader that is a ways away
  7. Hm, Now that's odd.. Shift+Minus or Shift+Plus should slow or speed up the flight speed... + or - alone should be world speed.. But in A18.4 the shift+Minus and Shift+Plus don't seem to bbe working.. I know i've used it to speed up and slow down my speed in the past; And definitely have done so in A18.x; I'll do some checking to see if i can figure it out. Edit: Well; I tested it on A18.4, A18.3, and A18.2, and couldn't get it to work.. I don't have access to my dedicated multiplayer server though, which is where I typically played and used the command at. Will report back if/when i can get
  8. Well, Gamestage inherently balances the game against your progress and success. If you log out on day one after barely doing anything, and don't log in again till day 7, and get caught up in a horde with little time to prepare- Simply put, you have a wooden club, and the games basically going to throw a handful of zombies at you; 1-8 at most, because you didn't spend 7 days accruing game stage. You're on a tight timer, of course; But, you're getting a horde equivalent to less than 60 minutes worth of gamestage; Not one geared to a player who had been active for 7 days. On the main topic of
  9. *Cough* The reply you quoted was intended to be a joke..Even added 'I kid' at the end. You're not likely going to get punted to a join date of 2020, or to lose your badge.
  10. Mind that to buy ranks 4 and 5 of most skills of any given skill in a tree you do need the associated Stat at level 7 and 10 respectively; So if there's a skill you want all 5 ranks of, Yes, you want to max out the stat it's associated with. So you're not only buying the stat for the minor bonuses the stat itself gives; You're buying the stat up for the additional skill levels it unlocks in the tree. That said, I generally stop most stats at 3 or 5 in the short term; 2-3 ranks of most skills is plenty to get along with; And only max to 10 the one that has my weapons of choice.
  11. Navezgane is the dev's handcrafted map. It should contain at least one instance of every POI and object in the game, last I checked. (Edit: The following information is current as of A18.4 on the PC version; I am unsure if it is wholly accurate on console: In fact, there are some POI's that are currently ONLY accessible in Navezgane, and cannot appear in RWG unless you're using a third party utility like Nitrogen.) I'm unsure if there is an existing community map that does what you mention though.. It wouldn't be all that hard to do yourself, though. Just a bit time consuming.
  12. Steam name: Shurenai https://steamcommunity.com/id/Shurenai Hours played: Steam lists 868 hours, But I've played at least around double that counting the pre-steam days, modded installs, alternative version installs and so on. Maybe 1,500ish at least. Started on Alpha: 1! ​ Or might have been 2. Very very long ago; Pre-steam. Discord name: Noa Aldritt#4713 Native language: English, born and raised. I'd like to think I'm decent at it. I haven't been super active here on the main forums(Though i plan to be changing that soon.); But I've been quite active on the Steam side of things. Wa
  13. What is the current purpose of Copper ore and Zinc ore, if any? It's not sellable to the trader, and as far as I've been able to craft around, it isn't used for anything that I can tell.
  14. Wheat is the only seed that you have to get from another source, the "Wheat" item itself is not plantable. To get plantable wheat seeds, it's a couple plant fiber each at the mortar & pestle. If your problem is that you have seeds, and can't plant them I've got nothing. And the only recipe I know that wheat has, is to be made into Flour, which is then used for Dough, which is used to make bread. Craft flour at the mortar & pestle as well.
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