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Fan that pushes Zombies

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Just for late game fun and shenanigans. Once you are late enough in game the strategy is almost null between crazy base builds, ammunition and perks. I called it a force field as a way to depict the concept mainly. Though it could certainly be used for that as well. Could do things like funneling zombies into underground tunnels then make them pop through holes to make a "whack-a-mole" style shooting range & Player pneumatic travel systems. Is it possible?

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Guess I can see that, just messing around in game before starting new game. I know you said force field, but didnt figure you were talking about avoiding hoard night. Even tho there are few people that say they do. I just saw it as only having to setup few traps and then just pushing Zs into them so there is no real having to defend your base. I now I read something on pushing player with block, but its been quite a while and dont think anything came of it.

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That specific example was a modified class the changed the jumppad to also add horizontal movement thru the air. You can use the vertical jumppad (use any vanilla game block you want ( dont need my custom jumpplate block model) as the jumppad and it will launch the zed high up. you can use blocks above like the tubes to redirect that motion. this is some xml to get started:


<block name="JumpPad">

<property name="Shape" value="ModelEntity" />

<property name="Model" value="#@modfolder:Resources/JumpPlate.unity3d?JumpPlate"/>

<property name="Collide" value="sight,movement,melee,bullet,arrow,rocket"/>

<property name="Class" value="JumpPad" />

<property name="StabilitySupport" value="true"/>

<drop event="Destroy" count="0" />

<property name="Material" value="Mwood"/>

<property name="ImposterExclude" value="true"/>

<property name="ImposterDontBlock" value="true"/>

<property name="CreativeMode" value="Player"/>

<property name="CanPlayersSpawnOn" value="true"/>

<property name="CanPickup" value="true"/>


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