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Long Barrel mod does not increase Damage

The Loooser

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Hi there!


So the Long Barrel mod is said to increase range (yes), aimed accuracy (maybe) and damage (only partially yes).


In my observations any Mod added to a weapon increases damage.


Not really logically, how should a bigger magazine increase damage per shot, but I get the idea: A highly tweaked weapon should simply be better than a newely found one with 0 attachments.


But now there is a problem to the following case:


I have a marksman riffle and I add a magazine extender. The damage goes + 6


Now I think: Ok higher ammo capacity is cool, but I want to maximize damage.


Then I replace the magazine extender and add the long barrel. The damage goes + 6.


Now I looked for any other attachement. And any attachment makes the damage go up by + 6. So this seems to be the base damage that an attachment increases to the weapon regardless of what it does actually. This is bad, because that means that the Long Barrel mod has NO REAL damage increase, it just increases damage based on the "regular damage increase" that any other mod would also give.


I gues it should be a +8 or +10 then or other regular mods should only give + 3, but right now this is quite strange ...




Same for temperared blade (increases damage + durability) and serrated blade (no damage increase, but bleeding damage). Tempered blade increases damage just as serrated blade, both only give the "regular damage increase". It not a real damage to the game lol but then tempered blade should only state to increase durability, as compared to serrated blade this is the exact only difference.


Same for Long Barrel: It only increases Weapon Range and Accuracy but not accctuaaally the damage (right now).

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In the case of the barrel extender XML shows that the damage-dropoff over range is reduced. This means that long range there is actually a damage increase:


<passive_effect name="DamageFalloffRange" operation="perc_add" value=".2"/>


With the tempered blade it is different, I see the following in the xml:


<!-- reduce DR of armor by x, blade weapons -->
<effect_group tiered="false">
<passive_effect name="BlockDamage" operation="perc_add" value=".1"/>
<passive_effect name="DegradationMax" operation="perc_add" value=".3"/>


This looks like a bug. BlockDamage is increased instead of EntityDamage while the comment is totally outdated/wrong. You might make a bug report to be sure it gets fixed in A19 (if it isn't already)


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This means that the bug is only connected to the blade weapon and not to the long barrel:


Because the effect of the long barrel is a special effect and not reaaaallly increasing just plain damage, so it cant show up as a regular damage increase anyways?

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