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Peer to Peer Error


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Me and a buddy are having a rough time trying to join each other's match through the peer to peer option. We are both running 7 Days modded not super heavy but heavy enough. We both have the exact same mods and everything but when we try to join one another we get some weird ERR XML Loader thing says something along the line of an item with the same key has already been added. Key: crawlerstepcloth


Is this due to something we have done wrong mod conflict? We are very new to 7 Days Multiplayer. I used to on console which is so much easier due to well split screen but PC is a whole different ball game.

We have already thoroughly tested our mods setup and everything runs perfectly fine never get a crash or anything.


Can someone please help. Also we aren't running a dedicated server and the main mod we are running is Darkness Falls.

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My full mod list is as follows:


Darkness Falls

Deeper Cuts



Harrys More Loot From Zombies 45%

Harrys More Spawns

HDHQBiome Alpine Redux

HDHQBiome Burnt Redux

HDHQBiome Desert Redux

HDHQBiome Waste Redux

HDHQ Particles


Shorter Reach

Sustainable Brass

More Animal Spawns

Weaponry Beta Test

30k ItemStack


Im honestly about to remove the Weaponry Beta Test hopefully in place of Vanilla Firearms Expanded. Also No Crosshair Fobin Hood and possibly HDHQ Particles are about to be removed aswell. Any help would be greatly appreciated we just want to group up in a private match and murder some Zombs! xp


My buddy also has the exact same mod list setup.

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Sorry fairly new to modding this game. Was trying to freshen up DF a little with more gear mainly but came across a few of the QoL mods that I thought might make things better.

Any idea on what to remove that could fix this issue? And also do you think adding Vanilla Firearms Extended would do this also?

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Well thankfully we are finally able to join a match together with no problems...except...we can't build anything in the workbench. Atleast not from Vanilla Firearms Expanded or Firearms Expansion mods. It gives a NullReferenceException. Is there any way I can fix this on my own? Im assuming it is a Compat issue with Darkness Falls as when I remove DF the mods work perfectly with the workbench but I add it back and they mess up again and vice versa.

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Again, DF is a complete game overhaul. You should not be using any mods with it that aren't specifically identified as working with it.


Any mod you add that tried to adjust code where DF has already made it will break one of them, which leads to your issue.

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