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  1. I have a few question about this Overhaul if someone could help me. If I'm looking at this right it says that the Vanilla Gun Mod by Skyriss is integrated in this mod that is Vanilla Firearms Extended correct? If not would this Overhaul be compatible with that mod aswell as the Vanilla Optics PIP mod and the compat patches it has for VFE? So sorry for the double post my internet fizzled out and I didn't realize the post actually went through my apologies.
  2. I have a few questions probably won't affect me trying this Overhaul one way or the other. But if I am reading right the weapon mod that is in this mod is Vanilla Firearms Expanded correct? If not would that mod be compatible with this overhaul and would the Vanilla Optics PIP and it's compat patches be compatible?
  3. Well thankfully we are finally able to join a match together with no problems...except...we can't build anything in the workbench. Atleast not from Vanilla Firearms Expanded or Firearms Expansion mods. It gives a NullReferenceException. Is there any way I can fix this on my own? Im assuming it is a Compat issue with Darkness Falls as when I remove DF the mods work perfectly with the workbench but I add it back and they mess up again and vice versa.
  4. Hi I have a question. Me and a buddy have been playing this mod for a very short period of time haven't been long into modding 7 Days honestly. We have everything set up right it seems DF starts properly see all the additions all the murderous critters etc but when we try to use the workbench and make something it pops up a error message over and over like a machine gun. It says something along the lines of Null Reference Exception. Any help with this would be much appreciated we really want to enjoy this mod it looks amazing. Also forgot to add I do have two weapon mods active and it seems like it is only their guns that are giving issues. Vanilla Firearms Expanded and Firearms Expansion. Is there any way I can somehow make them compatible? We like the selection already in DF but would like to add some more umph if possible.
  5. I was thinking since it's a crawlerstepcloth error could that have something to do with a Zombie and could that point to Harry's More Biome Spawns as the culprit since it's the only one I can tell that would affect Zombies other than Darkness Falls.
  6. Sorry fairly new to modding this game. Was trying to freshen up DF a little with more gear mainly but came across a few of the QoL mods that I thought might make things better. Any idea on what to remove that could fix this issue? And also do you think adding Vanilla Firearms Extended would do this also?
  7. Whoops sorry missed HDHQBiome Pine Redux
  8. My full mod list is as follows: Darkness Falls Deeper Cuts FierarmsExpansion FobinHood Harrys More Loot From Zombies 45% Harrys More Spawns HDHQBiome Alpine Redux HDHQBiome Burnt Redux HDHQBiome Desert Redux HDHQBiome Waste Redux HDHQ Particles No_Crosshair Shorter Reach Sustainable Brass More Animal Spawns Weaponry Beta Test 30k ItemStack Im honestly about to remove the Weaponry Beta Test hopefully in place of Vanilla Firearms Expanded. Also No Crosshair Fobin Hood and possibly HDHQ Particles are about to be removed aswell. Any help would be greatly appreciated we just want to group up in a private match and murder some Zombs! xp My buddy also has the exact same mod list setup.
  9. Me and a buddy are having a rough time trying to join each other's match through the peer to peer option. We are both running 7 Days modded not super heavy but heavy enough. We both have the exact same mods and everything but when we try to join one another we get some weird ERR XML Loader thing says something along the line of an item with the same key has already been added. Key: crawlerstepcloth Is this due to something we have done wrong mod conflict? We are very new to 7 Days Multiplayer. I used to on console which is so much easier due to well split screen but PC is a whole different ball game. We have already thoroughly tested our mods setup and everything runs perfectly fine never get a crash or anything. Can someone please help. Also we aren't running a dedicated server and the main mod we are running is Darkness Falls.
  10. If You don't mind Khaine could you point me to the folder and file that contains the ability for zombies to drop Gore blocks? They're a neat idea and easily cleaned up but they deform the ground a bit and just figured I'd try getting rid of them till I update again. Thanks in advance
  11. Cool it is pretty neat. Gunna set base near a Trader and help watch that base as I build mine. xp Will have to do some patching on their walls already. Zombs beat their way in while I was there looking at the guards and stuff. I like that you didn't slow down climbing up ladders like the modder who did Realism Overhaul did. That overhaul made it to where if you wanted to go up a ladder fast you had to jump and burn all your energy. Was kinda odd. Didn't understand why slowing ladder climb down seemed important.
  12. one last thing did you intend for the Trade Bases to be destroyable? Or is that a bug? Like the Guards in them though. They look a little odd and a lot of them have a duplicate guard under them but I like their gear. Wish I could get it off them. xp
  13. quick question about the gore blocks that are created after killing a zombie. Do those automatically go away or do you have to harvest them to make them go away?
  14. I get what your saying. Just pointing out that not everyone likes every aspect of Overhauls so they just mods or modlets to fill in the gaps. Im interested in seeing your AR even though Firearms already has an M16 and M416. I just like variety xp Would be nice to see those modlet creators make a version of theirs that uses your weapon part crafting system that is one thing I do miss about the older versions of 7D2D. I mainly downloaded Firearms and Soviet for certain guns in each pack not all. Like the RPK and AS Val and VSS Vintorez from Soviet and the SCAR Spas Remington and FN FAL from Firearms. I still use vanilla guns often xp
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