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Freezing on Linux


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I'm having an issue where the game will suddenly freeze for up to 5 or so seconds and random intervals. I'm not sure why it's happening. because I have a pretty powerful computer (RX 5700XT, i7-7700, 16GB RAM), and nothing too graphically intensive is happening on screen when it happens. It's frustrating because I'll be killed by zombies before the game has time to unfreeze.


My operating system is ArchLinux (if that's relevant to this)

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A few comments:


1) I still get this, but since I switched to SDDs, it's hardly noticeable.

2) How big is the map? 16GB is not really all that much, and the LInux client still has a memory leak. After you join/exit a couple of maps, you might be hitting the swap file, causing the performance problems you are observing.


It's been this way for the last few alphas, and I don't see it on the known issues so I might file another bug report - nudge the devs just in case they have forgotten they still have memory "leaks" in the linux client.


Right now, my client is using 17.5GB. If I exit the server and just rejoin the same server, memory consumption jumps up to 25.2GB memory consumed and my swap file is being gently touched. Each successive exit/join causes it to go up a bit until the swap file is being thrashed and performance is in the toilet.


If you play on 8GB or smaller maps, you don't notice until you have exited/joined several maps or servers. With larger maps it happens much faster. I've often suspected the reasons we no longer have 20K RWG maps is because of the memory consumption large maps have. The client/server won't even generate anything that big anymore without crashing. edit: And the client/server will not load anything larger than 16K, if you use, for example, Nitrogen to generate a larger map.

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