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Server wiped player stats. Could modlet have caused this? Any fixes?


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I host a private 7DTD server and installed two server-side modlets: "Nerf Them All" noted in the 2nd post of this thread and Highhope's Custom Materials Mod+All Vehicles Extra Seats mod noted in this thread.


After restarting the server, I was able to load into my world. Base is intact, my inventory is intact, but my player leveling stats got reset to 0 (with no points to allocate).


* Could one of the modlets have caused this?

* Is there any way to fix?

* Is this a known bug perhaps not modlet related, but game related?

* Are my friends' stats also reset to 0? I'm scared to have them log on as well.


Other details: I'm hosting via Nitrado.net and there is a server backup that'll wipe out our group's progress last night. I'm also sketched about the backup not loading correctly causing even more problems.

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If you added a modlet that significantly changed anything in progression.xml, this would be expected. Nerf Them All does exactly that.


Thank you! I'm new to both being a server admin and using mods/modlets. Appreciate the help!

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