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Wish: Multiple partial blocks in a single voxel


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I wish I could put more than one thing in a single voxel.


For example in the corner of the room, up one wall I want to have a ladder, and on the adjacent wall, other side of the corner, an electric switch. But that's not possible because the switch and the ladder would take up the same voxel.


I wish the game would allow them to co-exist.


There would be rules - each item would occupy between 1 and 6 of the voxel's sides. Some would occupy two or more "sides". Small items, like "basic light bulb" or even the ladder or metal plate, would need only one side.


Additionally the sides on which an item gives support would be not automatically all sides. A light bulb should not provide support on any side other than the side it is mounted on. This would instantly fix the "things hovering in space" issue. It would also allow you to make proper cages by allowing you to put "iron bars" on two sides in a corner.


I don't know whether that is easy or hard to do with the current game but clearly it would require things to be changed for it to work this way.


Anyways that's my biggest wish-list item.

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If I am reading your post correctly. The dual occupation is partially done now, the wall safes.

The rest may be achieved with marching cubes algorithm, and/or making unlike LOD or child objects that can

appear simultaneously. Or using a full voxel with object 1, then placing a voxel plate with a transparent texture

and the switch painted in.


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I do realise that changing this would be a big change. It is the ultimate pip-dream...


In stead of having a single object at each voxel, you would have up to 6 - One for each of N, E, W, S and top and bottom.


I know very little about 3D gaming or Unity but I imagine I would stear clear from having a "main" object and then add extra objects into or over that. I would let the engine calculate up to 6 objects, each with a list of which side / sides they occupy, and I would limit it to one object per side inside the voxel cube.


But I know nothing about 3D or Unity programming... sadly.

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