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Botman server manager official support thread


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A20 arrives in a few days.  I am expecting that the bot will be compatible with A20.  The Pimps don't release new alphas to server managers for advance testing so I will only be able to test when it lands.  If there are any breaking changes (and it doesn't look like there are), it will only take me an hour or so to test and fix them.  For my timezone, I am usually awake just a few hours after release, but regardless any updates from me will be released the same day as A20 and not long after it.  I will also release the Botman mod for A20 as it will need to be built using the updated server dlls.  Initially I probably won't include Alloc's mod in the Botman mod as he typically updates when new alphas go stable.


A20 will be experimental on Monday and from their release notes you will need to do the following or have a ton of issues..  Alpha 20 is not compatible with previous Alpha worlds or save game data. New Pregen-Maps have been created and can be used. We also advise that you delete the 7 Days save Game data folder before playing.


So if you try to keep maps etc and stuff breaks constantly, the bot isn't responsible for those issues


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I mostly post in my Botmanhosting Discord group 



For anyone who doesn't look there, the Botman mod is not yet compatible with A20.  The bot isn't either but I am well through the work converting the code.  Already the bot is working on my dev server and I am mainly tracking down and converting anything missed in the main sweeps.


I think I am more than 80% finished and hope to have an A20 bot available for live testing today.




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I have released the a20 bot to the a20testing code branch.  I have a few more bugs at the moment and you will need my help to update your bot.  After I have fixed the remaining bugs, the update process will run a lot smoother.  The main issue is the reset bot command isn't working properly so information from the previous world is sticking around.  I will fix that bug today along with a few other important bugs.  The bot is working on A20 but the Botman mod is not compatible yet.  I will work on updating that once these bot bugs are sorted as the bot will work perfectly fine with Alloc's mod and no Botman mod, but you will not be able to hide commands from the chat.

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The conversion of the bot for compatibility with A20 is now complete.  If there are any bugs or bits missed in the conversion, they are most likely minor.  Currently all commands and features in the bot are working except for any that require the Botman mod as that has yet to be made compatible.  I will be starting that work in a day or two after I have mostly finished assisting people with updating their bot, and some new bots.


To update your bot to a20 you need to tell the bot to use the a20 code branch.  You can do that 3 ways. 

In game you can tell it /set update branch a20 then tell the bot /update code.


From the panel you can click on the dashboard, click on your server, then from the Server Setup dropdown, click on Bot Connection.  Edit the update branch to a20 and click Submit.


From The Lounge type cmd /set update branch a20, then type update code.

If you are unable to get your bot to update for some reason, or you encounter other issues such as not being able to reset the bot you can message me directly on Discord and I am happy to take a look at it for you.  I am smegzor#9806  If you join my Botmanhosting Discord group, you will not need to send me a friend request.



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I have released another bugfix update to the A20 bot which fixes several annoyances.  Here is a changelog from the last several bot updates..

Fixed bug in function that tells the bot who is an admin.

Changed command permissions on the various bot reset commands to allow them to be used from The Lounge.  Also improved the command feedback and changed the permissions of the /yes command to allow its use from The Lounge.


Resetting the bot is working again.


Fixed 'bug' that was preventing the bot's reboot countdowns and some other in game messages from being seen from The Lounge.


Extended the effects of the command '/set bot quiet' so that it also stops the bot giving pvp commentaries.


Added a new Easter Egg somewhere.


Fixed issue where the bot would fail to recognise that you are an admin when commanding the bot from The Lounge.


Removed an annoying automatic bot restart that would trigger after map corruption which caused the bot to restart itself endlessly.  On the plus side that fault confirmed that the bot can detect when Alloc's API is non-functional and the bot will automatically switch to telnet if available.


If the server reports a corrupt region file, the bot sends that information to the alerts channel in The Lounge.


Fixed an issue in the bot's core that would cause some broken in game commands due to wrongly cast numeric.


The bot is much better at processing the admin list regardless of Steam ID or EOS ID.  If an admin is recorded in the XML with only an EOS ID and the admin has never joined the server, they won't yet have a Steam ID.  In this case the bot records them but when asked who the admins are, it will only list admins that have a Steam ID recorded.

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I have released a bugfix update to the A20 bot.  Here is the changelog..


Minor code changes to ensure the crossplatform id (which I call userID) is always present even if it is an empty string as it causes problems if it is completely missing since it is used everywhere.

Alloc's API currently does not include the crossplatform id so the bot sends the lp console command every minute as well as when the bot starts up to ensure that the bot has the id for all players currently on the server.

Fixed some potential faults in some of the lounge commands when data is missing that the bot tries to report on.

Fixed the claims command in The Lounge.

Fixed the lounge command list bases and also added a new variant, list bases {x} {z} range {distance} eg list bases -100 50 range 20.  It will list only the bases within the defined area.

Added a new lounge command 'whos' which is a much more compact version of the who command.  It just lists the steam id, name and crossplatform id of the players currently on the server.

Also added the new lounge command 'whom' which is a customisable version of the who command.  Here is it's command help.

Custom who command help:
List players online right now and specify what you want included.
eg. whom level score zeds.
Game id, steam, name, and EOS id are always included.
To use, type whom followed by any of the following list..
group, rank, level, score, zombies, playerkills, deaths, region, ping, hacker, location, coords

Fixed an issue that caused the bot to fail to properly install the new scripts from bot updates.  

Fixed the code that records and reports when a player leaves the server.  It is properly reporting them to The Lounge again.

Fixed an issue in the chat command /claims.  It wasn't able to report any that had no known owner.

Fixed the /setbase command so that specifying a base number is honoured by the bot.  Now you can totally have a base number 7 even if you are only allowed 1 base.  This is mainly useful for filling holes in your list of bases if you delete one in the middle.

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I have released a bot update to the A20 code branch.  Here is what's new..


If a bot command is missing from the command help table when someone tries to use it, the bot will automatically rebuild the command help and instruct the player to repeat their command by just typing /

Fixed some rogue pm's that were somehow STILL using steam id instead of the new cross-platform id.

Added lounge (irc) command..

Command: list help command {keyword}
List all matching help commands from the bot's help commands table for use in changing the minimum access level required to use the command.

Added lounge command..

Command: set help command {keyword} number {number from list} access {new minimum access level. valid range (0-99) }
Set the minimum access level of a help command after using the command list help command {keyword}.
The list command gives you a numbered list. Using that number and THE SAME keyword you can change the access level of a previously listed command.
If you don't use the exact same keyword as before, you risk changing the access level of some other command which will have unintended consequences.

Fixed bug in lounge command 'list bases'

Made some adjustments to the telnet parser to try to cope better if the server is spamming certain errors.

Added call to verify command access for almost all of the info commands so that they will honour changes to their command access level.

Fixed bug in location random teleport selector that prevented location teleports working that had any random spawns defined.

The /pack command will no longer send players to the top of structures or to the highest ground level above the player. Instead it will attempt to send the player to their exact death coordinate.

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I am looking for a program that will allow players to /setbase  and tele back to it at will I really don't need much more than that.  Is this what i am looking for or is there some other smaller mod/install that I can get? 

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On 4/19/2022 at 4:16 PM, Snowdog said:

I am looking for a program that will allow players to /setbase  and tele back to it at will I really don't need much more than that.  Is this what i am looking for or is there some other smaller mod/install that I can get? 

If that's all you want, you would probably do good with ServerTools. It's free and has the basics.


(Not to knock on Botman, it's a good tool too!)

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Posted (edited)

Botman does not honor the UserDataFolder setting properly.

When using a UserDataFolder outside of the game installation folder botman creates an erroneous Mods folder inside the game installation folder.

This causes issues with double loading of mods which I've reported as a bug to TFP.

Basically, when a UserDataFolder is set mods should honor it and create their config files etc in the UserDataFolder location rather than the game installation folder.


And here of course I'm talking about the botman mod rather than the mudlet based bot.  Also I'm running the server on Linux, so I'm not sure if it's only a problem on Linux.


I've had a quick look at the source and the problem may stem from here, https://github.com/MatthewDwyer/Botman_Mod_A20/blob/main/ModBase/Source/API.cs#L11, which is where the mod tries to get the correct location of the mods folder.

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Posted (edited)

I have released Botman mod A20_7 with support for the new Mod folder location.  The Botman mod will automatically detect and save to it and will only save to the Mods folder in the game folder if there is no Mods folder found outside of that.  Thanks to O C (Server Tools dev) for sharing the code snippet needed to grab the new folder location. :D


Also the Botman mod now lives on my new file server and can be downloaded here   https://files.botman.nz/releases/botman/a20/Botman_Mod_A20.zip


You can also grab older versions etc   https://files.botman.nz/

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