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  1. Awesome modlet, thanks! I have noticed I can not sneak at all even with everything maxed out. I've gone through the files, not seeing anything that "I think" should be removed/changed to prevent the "no sneak" attacks. I am testing using pistol with silencer, crouched. Everything wakes up when I get near by 12 blocks or so. The sneaking works if I remove the modlet. Hope you have an answer/reason to change this. Sorry for the bother, thanks again for the modlet! Tested with a19.3 stable and a19.4 exp
  2. Haven't changed picture yet either, WIP if I do For the background pic of name, same idea, haven't changed yet...
  3. Enter the windows.xml file to change any "box" for naming it or messages you want of course And again, this is WIP or any player wanting to change thanks to slimlong....
  4. Appreciate the work of the modlet slimlong, thanks. Here's what I have done so far in changing it to what I want, which is not used on my server yet, work in progress. I changed page 1 to english manually, removed all english files for page 2 Tried to remove button for page 2 with no luck, I'm not that advanced so I gave up and changed settings, and changed settings for page 1 as you will see in screen shot. I transferred english rules and such from each box from page 2 to page 1 for (copy & paste) just for testing. Currently it s
  5. 7DTD optional update to A19.3 b3 experimental - now I'm getting this error on server, not getting same result in A19.2 stable, doesn't seem to cause an issue running server, yet curious if anyone else getting this or know what's it' s all about? Seems to want to look for update... yet what do I know.... thanks.
  6. Shat happens, back up server and hope for the best, i back up usually twice a day....
  7. in the lounge why can't i use #00 to use say / i need to use channel 00 so in i use bot00 to say, nothing appears in #bot00 used to say anything in bot #bot00 - now i need to say in bot00? and it doesn't show please fix example in #00 i type ==>> say blah blah then i check channel 00 - nothing placed for what i stated like it used too, etc something wrong going on with commands.....thanks
  8. Is there a way to stop players on mp from selecting a zed to use as player profile? Thanks. Not sure if jugger is same hit boxes as regular player or larger.... As in players picking jug in player profile to use it as in game profile/player stat... If I keep mod in game, might get all players wanting to be jug in game...ugh
  9. Great mod btw, Thanks! Is there a way to prevent players from using certain zeds as player profile...?
  10. And honestly, we shouldn't be doing that, botman should be removing it... If you're going to remove LCB in bad area and giving LCB back to player, you need to make something to remove placement in game so we don't need to remove in players.xml - we shouldn't need to remove ghost LCBs - not cool
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