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Alter the bedrock depth/Adding new layers


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How would you do it now in Alpha 18? I remember I've asked this question before some years ago, but somehow I cannot find it in my forum post history. The reason I want to alter the bedrock is because if you are enough deep down, the screamers cannot spawn, making you carefree at the bedrock depth.


I would want the bedrock to start about 30 blocks earlier. If that cannot be done, then maybe water depth could be altered somehow? I tried both in rwgmixer and biomes to raise the waterdepth, but could not get it to work. The water height seems to be only above the ground and not beneath it as I would want. I have also tried to change the bedrock depth from the number 3 to 2 or other numbers, but there are no changes whatsoever. Maybe it is hardcoded?


I remember in Spiders True Survival in A15.2, I believe the bedrock was not altered, but he added new layers, such as a new block called "hardStone", and you could only use steel tools to dig deeper. This was very interesting and it totally nerfed the miners and was a very fun challenge! I would really like to know how to do that now in A18.


Anyone have a clue? :)

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Hi Robeloto
I know you asked for help, but now Im asking you for help :D
Did you find out how this work, Im very interested in altering bedrock depth.

I like to make bedrock deeper down, to old -57 meters. The "hardstone" from true survival sounds very interesting. Also I like to get deeper water, all water I can find is only a few blocks deep.

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