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How to change these icons?


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Это в .dll.

100% это было так в A16. Я думаю и в A18 ничего не изменилось.

Вы хотите изменить сами значки или их принадлежность к категориям?


It's in .dll

This was so in A16. I think nothing has changed in A18 either.

Do you want to change the icons themselves or their categories?

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Yeah, you can't change the actual icons.


I'm not sure if you can tint the colour in windows.xml... might be worth a look? I think you can increase their size, if that helps


EDIT: I found this in Config/XUi/Controls.xml.


	<rect height="43" controller="ItemActionEntry" disabled_font_color="[disabledLabelColor]" default_font_color="[labelColor]" default_background_color="[mediumGrey]">
		<sprite depth="3" name="background" color="[mediumGrey]" type="sliced" on_press="true" on_hover="true" width="147" sound_play_on_hover="[default_hover]"/>
		<sprite depth="4" name="Icon" sprite="{actionicon}" size="24,24" color="{statuscolor}" pos="2,-10" foregroundlayer="true"/>
		<!--#$-IGS BEGIN: Adding gamepad callout. -$#-->
		<label depth="4" name="Name" pos="32,-22" width="78" height="26" text="{actionname}" font_size="26" color="{statuscolor}" effect="shadow" pivot="left" />
		<gamepad_icon depth="4" name="gamepadIcon" pos="146,-22" pivot="Right" />
		<label depth="4" name="keyboardButton" pos="145,-22" width="36" height="26" text="<W>" font_size="26" color="{statuscolor}" effect="shadow" pivot="right" justify="center" />
		<!--*#$-IGS END.-$#-->


Where it says name=icon, it looks like you can change the size AND the colour, so maybe that'll help? :)

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Unfortunately, this part of the code is hard-coded, you need to either edit .dll or the game resources.

You can also replace the .xml code completely in this place, but this will require more than editing the numbers.

In addition, you can try to change the background elements to increase visibility.

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