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Shotgun messiah factory needs a deranged willy wonka style boss


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or make the boss be a 100% chance of a demolisher with an explosive radius like 3x larger and 2x as powerful (make sure you kite him away from the loot or you may lose it!!)


Do they come in feral and irradiated varieties? An irradiated demolisher that creates a nuclear fallout cloud NEEDS TO HAPPEN.


But i was thinking more along the lines of a Shotgun wielding Jesus obsessed Evangelical preacher who shouts bible verses and sings ooompa loompa style songs about the zombie apocalypse. Not as a joke but as a tragic factory owner who when things got bad just pumped all his money to try to keep the soldiers, police, and civilians armed so that they can defend themselves, but in the end it just wasn't enough so he went insane with survivors guilt.

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