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Industrial Fordges & chem benches


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Just an idea for expanding the end game, i have found we sort of maxed out what we can craft / do other than base design and also that the forges could only hold so much and take a long time to put resources inside. We have a whole wall of forges and multiple chem benches. It would be cool if there was a higher tier of them for us to aim for, maybe its large in size or costs electricity or petrol to run, but that can do the job of 10 forges or 10 chem benches. Im sure theirs lots of things you can do to make it end game but it just gives those of us playing longer games all the way to max level something extra to build in bases and grind for.


If satisfactory and ark have proved one thing, having complex levels to progression is a good goal for players to aim for. id even been keen for a further manufacturing type thing. rebuilding the world after the apocalypse and all that.

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