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  1. Steel bars. we have wood bars, we have iron bars, but no steel bars. More zombies at night. night time has become safer than ever, you rarely see any zombies let alone the number you used to get in the past. Nerf Armor Armor needs a big boi nerf, wearing full steel armour with around 80 armor rating is silly. Zombies tickle you, they'll literally hit you for 4-5 damage. Cop spit does very little. "Just increase the difficulty" yeah no, giving zombies more hp and more attack isn't harder, its just annoying. The higher difficulties need to be unique, zombies should be stun resistant and some should spawn stun immune. Raditated zombies should actually emit radition that harms you. Cop spit should have armor piercing value or maybe the spit could lower your armor rating for a short time. More shapes for rebar blocks. please can we just have the full range of ramps, wedges, arrow slits etc for rebar blocks. Its annoying to make flagstone blocks or wet concrete. A way to repair every block in your land claim. Maybe the new junk drone could have a repair mode that flies around and repairs every block in your land claim if you give it the materials. Bigger storage!!!! why is item storage so rubbish in this game. Can we get a big armoured box with a gigantic storage space. I hate flicking between quarter full boxes of different types of items. Would be nicer to have one big box with a search function. And give it like 10k-20k hp for pvp balancing.
  2. People on this forum complain about the most basic mundane crap.
  3. When do we get a good update. Top tier shotgun sounds nice but everything else in this post is crap.
  4. Would be nice to upgrade bars to steel bars and grenades and molotov should be able to pass through them. Also more rotations for rolling garage doors would like to stand the door on end and have it open side ways, thanks.
  5. You can literally do the same thing with a gun that you can find in the first 5 minutes of a new game. Up the difficulty if you're finding boxing too easy.
  6. Being able to mount turrets on the ceiling would be amazing. This needs to be in the game, especially for pvp base designs.
  7. Yeah no thanks, smelt dukes and if you're short on dukes then invest in lucky looter repair and sell level 5 and 6 items you get. If you know the location of multiple traders you can literally get hundreds of thousands of dukes, as long as your map is build enough and know the most efficent ways to loot worth while buildings.
  8. Top tier auto shotgun? Lmao why, pump shotgun absolutly shreds everything already. What we really need is a change
  9. Well obviously buy it if its something you've been hunting for ages but generally buying from the trader is a waste and making ammo for horde night is better
  10. You, my friend have a case of previous alpha fever.
  11. Long story short, the devs don't care about mp or pvp. They want this to be a SP RPG and want you to take specific "builds" which is really stupid because 75% of the perks are utterly useless and you don't even need them.
  12. I think damage numbers would crash the game lol. It already barely handles large hordes and if you are throwing grenades into a large group then good by fps. Besides. You don't need numbers, shotgun will usually one shot headshot almost everything and you can spray down everything else with ak or m60. If the devs ever added a large boss with a health bar then sure maaaybe.
  13. Dude who cares, just wait for your friend to stop looking at the trader. Funny enough you shouldn't buy anything from the trader anyway. Most of his stock is things you'll come across naturally and the cash is much better spent making ammo for horde night.
  14. Its a shame the devs strict themselves to a modern apocolypse vibe. If it were up to me i'd let the player craft a drone station and allow the player to program drones to go around and repair individual blocks.
  15. Cool ideas, but the devs don't really care. They seem happy adding random book perks and forcing players to pick a "build"
  16. Not gonna lie, alot of your ideas just sound stupid. Very few people are going to take the time to build an airport or a big train track, if those things were implemented. You mentioned weapons like an assault rifle and a machine gun... we have both those things in game already.
  17. Will come back when you support pvp
  18. All the electrical ideas would be a nice addition. But the food ideas are aweful, its a perfect example of realism does not mean fun and it would be a pain in the ass to micro it all the time
  19. A game that focuses on what it should be, an open world survival crafting game with pvp elements on offical servers and not a single player RPG which the devs seem to be leaning towards.
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