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LazMan vs Day 28 Horde

Laz Man

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Alpha 18.1 experimental (Build 6), Default Difficulty (Adventurer), 10 max alive. Intelligence / Perception Build (Level 32, Game Stage 70, 60 Minute Days)


Day 28 Horde Night - Small flagstone horde base in the snow biome. 3 x junk turrets, Electric Fencing, 2 x dart traps, 1 x shotgun turret and active base defense.







Enjoy!!! :)

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What happens when the turrets and dart traps run out of ammo? I mean on a decent horde (we're on GS 500), that is going to happen after it's only about 20% done, if not sooner, right?


I'll let you know when I get there. 😂 Playing SP, not sure if I will ever get a GS that high. Maybe by then I'll have 20 junk turrets and a blast pit for explosives...😂

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