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Devs plz add these futures plz:)

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(1) we need a hardcore mode. plz add this mode.


(2) up the zombie spawn rate plz. And make zombies more of a threat plz


(3) plz add back random wondering hordes plz.


(4) plz add bandits to the game:D


(5) make zombies alittle more tougher plz, expecially on harder difficultys :D



Devs we need these futures :) keep up the great work:)

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1: They've mentioned it. So, maybe.


2: Probably not happening.


3: They are still there, but they are moving more towards random encounters. But there are plenty of mods to increase them.


4: They are working on them.


5: They are already pretty bullet spongey...


And finally, it's *features. ;)

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