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Can't place drawbridge no matter what I do.


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I am unable to place a drawbridge, I've now blown 3 hours trying to get it place, it only lets me place it, hilariously, on either the terrain or random walls clipping through both structure and terrain.


I tried everything that worked previously, I am now at a complete loss as to what magical udder I need to tickle in order to place the stupid thing.


Random spot it wants to go to, clips thru terrain and structure:




The old way that used to work, a ledge for it to sit on, and a ledge for it to land on, 6 blocks out,

mr.drawbridge is all like "meh, I dont wanna"




Totally is cool sitting on the terrain, which it isn't supposed to be able to do.




Since it was prefering terrain, I said screw it and made a bed for it to lay down in, it's

still like "naaah".




Not sure what to do anymore.



I kind of apologize for my snotty attitude about it, but I've struggled with it now for 2 hours, watched several severely outdated

videos, and even loaded an a16 save where I literally did the same thing. It's extremely frustrating to be honest after farming up all the iron and parts needed to basically beat my head against a wall and accomplish nothing.

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Shortly after submitting this, I figured it out, there was a block above, that I couldn't see, that wasn't letting me place the drawbridge.


Part of the problem is;

- The wiki still lists the draw bridge as 6 long, 5 wide, it is actually 7 long, 5 wide, at least above it needs 7 clear blocks.


- When placing large objects, you can't see the full area of both the object and the area around the object, I recommend a floating camera movement during these instances, pretty simply to move the camera in Unity via a script when placing a large object. Large objects should be defied as anything 4x4 or larger.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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