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A Modlet that removes a few select POIs from Worldgen


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I know it's nearly impossible to please everyone from all walks of life when it comes to Video Game Development. Even worser with survival games that involve realism. But when it comes down to it, a game doesn't have to be %100 real to enjoy. There are mods and modlets that can help remove a problem on a short range.


This picture has triggered some BAD memories with a few of my friends. And I am sure it won't be an isolated incident. https://gyazo.com/527a92eebe4025f83cf026bd52bd0e7f


I know only a few POI's have a noose in it, and removing the block for the noose alone would cause some problems. So the best solution would be to remove the POIs involved from Worldgen all together.


Would it be possible to make a modlet like this? I do not know the building name that has this particular scene in their garage.

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