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  1. Yeah, it is still a bit too cramped, I am working on making more spacious prefabs with my future builds (currently working on Midwich Elementary as seen in DbD) I found it difficult to place sleepers in the smaller prefabs. I still have a lot to learn.
  2. Open Permissions on this one as well, these are still my 'Practice' Prefabs, maybe they'll do some good for other creators.
  3. There are no Gas pumps at this place, It's more of a Main Bus Terminal for Busses that travel between Cities and links to the smaller inner-city bus routes. I used Pas n' Gas as the Transportation Authority Company in this case, and used their color scheme for the design.
  4. Second Prefab attempt. I think I got this almost perfect? This was a first attempt to build a larger Prefab in my journey. Feedback is Welcome. Not sure what Tier to rate this build at. PG_BusStation.zip
  5. Yes, Users are welcome to inc. into their works. Open Permissions.
  6. I finally got the darned Sleepers to work.. Uploaded a new .zip with Volumes in play now.
  7. I have updated the file. I hope the sleepers are working in this.. I never realized how much guesswork and detail involved in adding sleepers. And I have made small changes to routing, fixed the terrain issues, and set the ground level.. Loading the Prefab onto a map is a little tricky.. I have torn up a test world a few times trying to get this to load right.. I don't think I have the facing right tho.
  8. LOL.. looks like the "Boss's Car" turned into a Hmmwv in the transfer.
  9. Alrighty, yeah.. I still have some work to do on it then. Thank you tho! I forgot to mention that it's a few blocks underground. I still need to work on that.
  10. I may be able to add sleepers later? (it's almost midnight here, and I have some trouble with my controls in the Prefab/World editor) but if you would like to place them instead, I have no real preff as to what kind & where. This is my first real attempt at a POI, so gentle feedback would help on any further builds I attempt.
  11. I know it's a little broken, and I think I messed up on something.. First time capturing a build from a map. No sleepers placed yet.. Possibly a decent Tier 3? If it wasn't such a big footprint.. ~~EDIT:~~ Currently edited the .rar to a .zip and added Sleepers? (For some reason playtesting doesn't show, and I have trouble loading onto a map) leveled out the ground level and cleaned it up around the edges. ~~EDIT:~~ Finally figured out why I was having problems creating Sleeper Vol. My previous game I played in Creative Build was peaceful. So in Playtesting, it was not spawning them at all. The Sleeper Volumes should be intact and working now. Let me know if I need to reduce the spawns, or any other settings I overlooked. SC_Steakhouse.zip
  12. Love yas Devrix!! Hopefully you can get Sorcery up and running soon! We're ALL going through withdraws from it.
  13. Steam name: Dragoness_ https://steamcommunity.com/id/Dragoness_/ Hours played: 6,577 hours Started on Alpha: Late A15 Discord name: ?????????_ Native language: American Active Twitch Streamer.
  14. TRIGGER WARNING I know it's nearly impossible to please everyone from all walks of life when it comes to Video Game Development. Even worser with survival games that involve realism. But when it comes down to it, a game doesn't have to be %100 real to enjoy. There are mods and modlets that can help remove a problem on a short range. This picture has triggered some BAD memories with a few of my friends. And I am sure it won't be an isolated incident. https://gyazo.com/527a92eebe4025f83cf026bd52bd0e7f I know only a few POI's have a noose in it, and removing the block for the noose alone would cause some problems. So the best solution would be to remove the POIs involved from Worldgen all together. Would it be possible to make a modlet like this? I do not know the building name that has this particular scene in their garage.
  15. Rucky Do you have a Twitter or other Social Media that I can follow you for more recent updates about the Mod (particularly server files for the Mod) I was up till 4 am trying to get this Mod onto a server last night to no avail (Time Zone GMT -6)
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