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  1. There we go. Edits and fine tuning are done. Updated the .zip to YerboValleySchool_01, I changed the file names to veer away from trademark and keep it open for use. This Map is best experienced in the dark. I set the ambient light pretty well to be spooky. Now on to my next build.
  2. Awesome, thank you Gouki. It was pointed out to me the reason for the problem with my Play Testing, since I build in real world and zombies turned off... same problem I faced before and I simply did not remember. I had to load an old save that had zombie spawning turned on in order to set spawning to true in Playtesting. Been working with Stallion in Discords. He's gotten a hold of it for some fine tuning, bouncing it back to me to nitpick the details some more. I will likely get a new .zip on the forums when we both are happy with it.
  3. I calculated the build took me over 100 hours to build, heavy in loots and counted over 200 sleepers. Enjoy! If you can get it to work.. I'm about to copy my worlds over, tear out 7 Days from my system and reinstall... Not even getting POIs spawning in on my Pregen maps...
  4. I have been having troubles trying to playtest this Prefab. For some reason my sleeper volumes are not spawning in Play Testing. I believe I may have to reinstall my game. This is the Midwich Elementary Map for Dead by Daylight (Silent Hill Map) I have it renamed to Yerbo Valley High School to save from trademarks. This build has taken me quite a few hours. If you can give me some feedback, since I have been unable to play test the sleepers. I openly allow Modders and players to use this building for their maps. I do believe this would qualify for a Tier5? Quest building with several loot stashes. This map was built on stream at https://twitch.tv/dragoness_ YerboValleySchool_01.zip
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