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Blunderbuss ideas

Adam the Waster

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Tell me who uses the blunderbuss???? me nether its out shined by most guns and even bows. so i have some ideas to make the Blunderbuss great again!!!


1: new ammo types: this is so you can make different ammos for different purposes heres some of them


Cannon shot: need's 5 lead , 3 clay and 1 gunpowder!. it acts like a slug but it shoots a large ball that does nice amount of damage. and makes zombies fall down.


Glass Shot: needs 2 broken glass , 1 iron and 1 gunpowder! this shoots sharp pieces of glass that does nice damage and causes a nasty bleed! also has a nice penetration


Dragon shot: needs 1 oil , 10 gas , 2 paper and 2 gunpowder. this is a short range shot. but shoots a big blast of fire thats can set your enemies on fire.


2: Better range: i'm not saying make it into a sniper but make it so you can actually hit something!


3: kick back: zombie hit by it will fall over more often


4: better mod's for it: some mods for shotguns like chokes , barrel extenders and more can work better for it.


5: faster reload. just a bit faster!


thxs for reading if you got any ideas feel free to talk about them!

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With the blunderbuss, since it's custom made, the possibilities for modification are endless.


An idea I had was to give the blunderbuss x2 the mod slots, so it starts out weak, but can get good as you add stuff on it.


Also I was thinking it would have a bunch of exclusive mods made from other gun parts that make it more like that gun. Like you can add a 9mm barrel to make it shoot pistol bullets, or bolt-action mod made from rifle parts. It's okay if it is generally more tactical/resource efficient to use a pure weapon, it's still going to be fun messing around with varying amalgamations of different guns.


There are mods that would be totally stupid-looking on any other gun but might be acceptable as exclusive for the blunderbuss. For example:

-Primitive 8x scope: Like a regular 8x scope, but it's crafted from two 4x scopes and duct tape.

-Primitive gun light: Just a torch/candle taped to the barrel.

-Nail shooter: A nailgun and motion detector attached to the side that automatically fires nails when you point the gun at zombies. Drastically reduces weapon handling.

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