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Double Blood Moon?


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I'm hosting a world for my friend, who transferred his files to me so I can put the current host/play save onto a dedicated box instead


I'm getting a double/triple blood moon now, and on weird days instead of the normal days (35 is normal, 30 is not)


2019-10-22T01:33:28 58.543 INF createWorld: Valeni Territory, Alpha 18 First, GameModeSurvival

2019-10-22T01:33:28 58.544 INF Occlusion: Disabled

2019-10-22T01:33:28 58.606 INF Started thread ChunkRegeneration

2019-10-22T01:33:28 58.608 INF Started thread ChunkCalc

2019-10-22T01:33:28 58.762 INF World.Load: Valeni Territory

2019-10-22T01:33:28 58.811 INF BloodMoon SetDay: day 35, last day 28, freq 7, range 0

2019-10-22T01:33:28 58.825 INF BloodMoon SetDay: day 30, last day 23, freq 7, range 0



Is there any way to keep the save and fix the blood moon to only one?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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