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A18 finger base.


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EDIT: This design is slightly outdated, and not suited for larger hordes. Still good enough for daily bases though.


Just wanted to share a few images of a base concept i started with in A17, and still seem to work in A18e.


The basics are simple: Solid base, 3 blocks high. Towards the base, i made "fingers", and a path of spikes towards the base. The zombies will try to path over the spikes, and damage themself in the process. Once a finger is cleared of spikes, the zombies will try to path along the next finger. And so on, until all spikes are depleted, then they will attack the main base.


However, i can replace the spikes on one finger when the zombies work they way across another. This is why the 2 blocks closest to the base are centre poles, to reduce the chance of a zombie corpse make placing new spikes impossible.




Also, if i add doors to the base, i can open 1 door to tell the zombies to please come this way, or i can close 1 door to force the zombies to move to another finger (with an open door). Another benefit of using doors is to reduce the amount of spider zombies that gets in.




This is more like a horde base. They will go for the middle finger first. Not seen on this picture, but i also have 2 SMG turrets on each side, and a switch pr side to turn those on or off.

Might see one of the turrets in the upper right corner of the picture. Explosives or molotovs also works very well in the defense of a base like this.

Also lots of catwalks to make it easier to inspect, load the turrets etc. Should be a fairly easy to defend little base. Metal spikes are pretty much a must, since the wooden ones break too easily.


I placed the turrets in a hope they would shoot demolishers in the back, not triggering their explosives. It does not work as intended, so i suggest a machine gun with AP ammo for those.


Another twist of using spikes as path, is a platform or wall 1 block higher then the spikes. Zombies will jump atop of each other and get across, but doubling can give a fighting chance.


These are not a horde bases, more like a quickie out in the wild. Neither are strong, but they work. Improves chances of survival in the wild quite a bit. Oh, and one very important feature of a finger base, make sure to add a ramp or stair at the

start of a finger, so zombies can get onto it. Otherwise they'll not see a path, and will try to smash their way to you.



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Tested it with 32 zombies at a time horde, gamestage 254ish, day 777, 120 minute days, so very long horde.

Had about 12 demolishers. Lost 2 fingers, 6 remaining still usable at the end of the horde. Half the ceiling gone.

The fingers though, are like a magnet on zombies once there is a spike on the innermost pillar.


However, i realized spikes, even iron ones are too weak for radiated zombies. I've improved the design, and will come back with video and pictures. I'll call the improved one for "the riddle of steel" for now. Simply put, I just block the zombie path with a 2 block tall, 2 block thick "pillar" of steel. It does not deal any damage, but at least it stops the zombies for longer then the spikes did.






-=path, at least 3 block tall. 2 might work, not tested. 3 is better anyway.

... = Air, to make ansi more viewable.

#=steel block



A=If making multiple paths, one can block all but one of them with wooden frames to force zombies to prefer an unblocked path.


I suppose it can be combined with a fingerbase, IE a wooden spike on the path after the steel blocks, so if they are destroyed, the zombies will destroy their own path , and automaticly choose another path. Looking forward to test it, but right now, it's bedtime.

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New design. Haven't quite yet decided if it is cheesy or not. It is not a free safe haven, it do require repairs. Not too much risk , but neither is a tower base where one shoots down at attackers. It should technicaly not be too cheesy, but it depends on the user/viewer i guess. It relies on pathing, but so do just about any base out there, one way or another.


Tested with 25 radiated wights this time. Outer layer is steel, and with 2 "fingers", it can take a couple demolisher explosions too.

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And a picture. I think my picture storage here on the forums are almost filled. Hope this one still works.

Red blocks: Zombie path

Purple blocks: Blocks for zombies to punch through.

Yellow blocks, outer rim made of steel.

Using 2 spikes to link the path to the base, which the zombies will break quickly. With this base, wood spikes is recommended.




Another version , but still same concept.


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Zombie sorting machine, sorta.

Gap is 3 block tall, upside down bladetrap placed on the ceiling, and halfblocks on the floor.

Raises the tall zombies high enough to take damage, but let small ones through without taking damage from the bladetrap.

Electric wire increase time zombies spend in bladetraps, but reduce their lifetime.



Edit: By using a tripwire it is possible to make it trigger on demolition zombies only. Have to play around with the placement of tripwire posts to find the exact height can be a bit tricky, but possible.

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Well, someone pointed out i should try with running demolishers, at night.

Kay, the numbers that can fit onto that walkway at a time makes the numbers less important , but

anyway, since bigger numbers is better for one reason or another, here's 50 demolishers, at night.



edit: Damn, that video title image was actually very great this time. :)

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Another take on the zombie sorter. This time around with tripwires. Also demonstrates what double bladetraps set in a U-shaped path can do with regular zombies.


edit: I used bladetraps to show this, but the tripwire can trigger other things too. It could have some issues if reloading a save with them too.

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Back to the finger base for me. Had a blast playing , yes, actually playing, A18 with no poi's last night.

Thanks to Vedui for discovering/publish the knowledge that dart traps do not trigger demolision zombies.

Greatly helps, thank you , and here is what i did with it.



edit: It appears Vedui posted a video combining traps and fingers yesterday, so my apology. Didn't know that

before i posted mine.

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Using the concept of the previous video, and building a base with it. Here is the first 5 minutes of a horde night in it.

Most of the horde night was pretty much the same, save for the near the end, when the demolishers showed up. Since demolishers are what people want to see, i will upload part of the last hour from this horde night.



I like how this base worked, but went through about 12k of dart trap ammo, perhaps i should start considering more blade traps.

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