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What are the plans for RWG?


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First of all, I love A18! You guys did a great job! :)


But I'm interested in what we can expect from random world generation in the future. You did big changes to RWG. Do you plan on finetuning it or is this considered to be the final update to it for at least the next Alphas?

I'm asking because RWG is in my opinion the part of change I'm not happy with currently.


I always played on RWG maps, because I didn't like the proportions of the biomes in Navezgane. Too much wasteland and burnt forest, not enough forest. Navezgane also had no interesting cities and was a bit boring.

I like to explore random maps and I liked that there were several biomes of the same type and not only one desert biome, one forest biome, ect. There was one small time period with A17, where there were so many and too small biomes, but that got fixed in the later A17.x versions as far as I know.

This is the issue I have with RWG right now: I tested a few maps (all 3 pregen maps and a few of own gens) and I need to say... they all look the same.

The only surprise is where the biomes exactly are laying. There is only one big biome of every type. Only one small strip of forest, but too much burnt forest and wasteland (my opinion).

Cities only have a few interesting POIs now and the areas outside of cities are empty. Where did all the interesting POIs go that I've found on Random gen maps in the past? You only stay out of town to get to the next town. There is nothing to do except of cutting trees.

Oh, and before I forget, there are way too much hills to feel comfortable. I think this is the most important part about my problem with RWG right now.


In the A17.x versions you fixed the problem with roads. In the past they didn't look like roads (too steep, did zigzags ect.), but that was fixed in the late A17 versions and I was relieved about that.

But it seems that A18 brought the road issues back.

So, to coclude I think A18 is a great update. But I'm not too happy about RWG right now and I hope that there will be worked on again (or further).

Thank you for reading :)

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I miss the old cities that were winding or conformed to the terrain. Right now, they've seem to gone back to the old "We are going to flatten out a city size circle of land, put a square grid of streets down and plop whatever POIs fit" model. :(

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Im very happy with the RWG world I am playing right now. But I got the nice seed out of reddit, so Im not sure what the chances are of such cool maps.


But I got the terrain divided in stripes bug in quite a big zone, I hope they fix it (I know I will have to generate again)

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