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  1. My computer froze and rebooted today. Now I wanted to continue my game, but the savegame is not listed anymore. I expected to see my save at least from before I started playing today, so I would have lost only one day, but the whole save is not there. Can I find it anywhere else or is it gone?
  2. It depends on the situation. Overall, I like the M60 very much. Great weapon against bigger hordes and the sound is awesome! For short range combat and breaching doors the shotgun is fun (especially breaching doors is fun, if you have the right ammo). But I also love to deliver precision shots with the hunting rifle. In previous versions the huntiing rifle was my standard weapon in first horde nights. In A18 you don't really need it, because you find AK-47 with lots of ammo right at the start. Never liked the sniper rifle though. My allround rifle is the AK-47 with ext. mag, silencer and ref
  3. I'm experimenting with this tool a bit and I love it so far But since I'm not a native English speaker, I need a hint on what is the setting "cracks" for? Google translator did confuse me even more
  4. I'm thinking about starting a new game because the last update has broken a few things to me. Did TFP fix the missing skyscrapers in RWG with the patch? When there are still no skyscrapers I will play on Navezgane, even when I don't like Navezgane with the burnt/detroyed biome in the center.
  5. I know, I was just surprised, because it took much longer than in A16. Nothing bad about it, just noticed it. I love how you made the new game setup and the main menu UI
  6. Nice Ingame loading time is really long (took 10 minutes or so) and I died really fast. Guess, I should go to bed Good night and have fun
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