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Problem with Alt+Tab not working


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Hello friends - My buddy has a win 10 with 32GB Ram and he has a problem with alt + tab not working on A18- aka if 7days to die is the sole thing running on his PC- then pressing alt+tab ain't working -> He has to open some another window or program first and then start 7 days to die - if he does then alt tabbing works - Any sugestions how he can make it work without opening that extra window ?


We tried to fiddle with config from the game menu (aka fullscreen/yes/no , or making sure that in the launcher the Fullscreen exclusivity is OFF (box is not ticked).

He has the most current drivers for his Graphic card (or so he claims :p)


He also tried with A17 and it worked fine - but on A18 he cant alt tab "normally".


Does anyone bumped onto this ? If so how did you "fix" it ? :)



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