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Off road wasteland tips?

7 day sucker

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Idk, I've never survived a blast from any mine in the game lol. My 1st death in my current game was because of shooting a mine in the doorway of the Boobie Trap and apparently was still to close... Always get that 1 stupid death in every game it seems lol


Wasteland survival tips?


Always travel by roads. But be careful because I've exploded before as a landmine happened to be near the edge of the road and didn't see it. Thankfully I was just mapping out a Seed at the time lol.


Abandoned cars are your friends. In early stages of the game, dogs, ferals, etc can pounce upon you without warning at times. So when I would be on foot, I always made a straight line from car to car. Saved my rear many times over.


Crossing into the actual wasteland?


Is it a treasure chest hunt? I'll actually dig my way to the chest underground. Bring food, water, materials to repair tools, and wood/frames is my method. Yeah it can be time consuming, but the resources I've gotten in return was always worth it. It takes a little time to get adjusted to figuring out where you're at, but with some patience, it became rather easy. Or, you can do the method below as well for speed.


Wanting to scrap the numerous cars and iron/boulders in the area? Wood frames. Craft a ton of them, and simply travel by those. The additional height advantage of even 1 block high has saved me from stepping onto a mine. And in return, when I would have to flee because of zombies, I already had a path out to the road where a car or my bike was waiting for me. On a sidenote, I actually do this with the military camps that have mines around its perimeter. Though I also block off the entire area so I don't accidentally run through it, which has happened many times lol.


If you're wanting a challenge, then early level's is what it'll be going there. But if you wait till later on when you have decent weapons to mow down anything that crosses you, then it's simply just a matter of going carefully to select areas you want.


While I don't like the wasteland, I do like it enough to go to later on for easy scrap and most importantly the abundant cars for possible engine's and batteries. And the extra gas isn't a bad thing either lol.

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That's gonna take some resources lol.


I never tried to rebuild the entire city though. But I decided to convert one of the buildings into a horde night base on my previous game, and having a partial building to build upon and modify was awesome.


But good luck with the restoration project. Don't forget to dig up the loose gravel on the surface and replace it with fresh dirt for even more visual effects lol. Now if only we could remove that crappy green hue...

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I've tried rebuilding the center hub and also some of the plain destroyed towns. The pro bbn lens I run into are on certain building after placing blocks they disappear and you cant put new ones back. Also digging up all the gravel or destroyed material when trying to replace with grass or sod you have areas that it will get destroyed when trying to place it, and hence you won't t be able to place grass there.


But before you start, get a good amount of resource mad up, bricks cement blocks ect.


I also like digging a hole in one of the areas that are flat and use that to make all my concrete and other materials.


Side note I would usually have 15 to 20 forged going. Fill them up with stone and clay then leave for a few days. Warning if you do that you will have alot of screamers when you come back. One time I had 30 plus and by the time I killed them all it was over 50.


It was fun though


Good luck in your rebuild

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Any tips to avoid The mines in the wasteland?



In 7DTD, landmines are as deadly as real ones.

Do as in real life minefields, avoid any unchecked areas and check any area centimeter by centimeter.

In 7DTD, there are no red strips so I usually use wooden frames in order to mark checked areas.

It has an useful bug : if there is a landmine on the square you are trying to put the wooden frame, the wooden frame will refuse to go down and will stay like afloat.

--> it usually means there is an invisible or small-sized object here, usually a clipped landmine.


Have fun with landmines, since they disabled that players could pick them, I disabled zombies, as I consider landmines more dangerous than zombies.

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