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GEEK GAMING PVE, A19 Stable, Public, Custom


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Looking for a server/map where you are once again...terrified to go out at night, you can expect to die, makes you have to run...from day one, the struggle is real, but the grind isn't? With the latest Compopack POI's, Nitrogen generated, Custom tweaked modlets to ensure balance, added features, lots of custom foods/candy,drinks, decor, vehicles, extra creatures/zombies to extend late gamestage play and some specific to biome/level specific, materials are unique in biomes, weather affects you, and in general...will cause your heart to leap out of your chest in fear. This. Is. GeekGaming.


UPDATED 7/24/2021


A19GEEKGAMING2 (added zombies and features) 


Discord channel link (Geek Gaming) - Multiple 7 Days to Die Channels so you can chat with your Clan, Record, Or Stream live with your friends.

Twitch Stream (8-10 PST Live Stream most nights. Recorded streams available) 



SERVER START: 07/10/2021

Server IP -

Port: 26903

Dedicated Server: I-7 4.0 Ghz, 24GB DDR3 RAM, Samsung EVO SSD (professionally managed).

PVE: No base raiding/Thieves booted

16 player support

120 minute Days

Map size: 14K 

UP 24/7 except for daily Server refresh and mod updates as needed.


Current Mods:

BDub's Vehicles (Updated)

Bigger Backpack (96 slot with food/water)

Boating Modlet

Biome (Server-side)

Concrete (20% discount for concrete bundle)

Creature Packs: Animals, Mechs, and Zombies

GeekGaming Trick Or Treat (Food Modlet BETA - few Buffs still need added)


Hind Helicopter

HJ Elevator





Mining (Server-side Ore, Sand, Clay, Rock modifications - balanced to create more natural rock/sand/clay/Ore balance and range of harvest)

MoreCookedFoods (modified - changed recipes, adjusted buff, loot percentage, etc.)

NonFuzzyBulletproof Glass


PHD Lights and Wireless Fusebox


Screamer Beacon


Snufkin_Weapons_Xpansion_A19_Stable_Test2020Nov04 (modified to remove OP weapons)

TelricsIronGatesA19 (Modified)

Valmod's Expanded Traps (Modified - removed several traps, added repair function, adjusted recipes, added custom icons/localization text)

Valmod's Working Stoves/Sinks

ZT Functional Elevator

ZTensity's Unnecessarily Beautiful But Immersive 1.2.7 (modified for HP on doors, Windows, minor tweaks, all sinks/stoves functional)

30K stacks


WANT TO JOIN BUT UNSURE HOW? Someone can help you "live" in our Discord channel but it's just this simple:


For A19GeekGaming2 Server

1. Copy Geek Gaming Master Pack.

2.Download contents of Mod folder into your Mods folder located in your game directory. If it doesn't exist, create it.

3. Copy Prefabs content into your Prefabs folder located in Your Game folder\Data\Prefabs. When asked, overwrite all. 

4. Play.





7/24 - Added animal/zombie Creature Pack (Testing phase) - Will rebalance after week of testing. IP updated:

7/10 - New Server map started. Changed up Creature packs, added Jetski, Compopack 47 Nitrgoen, Vicious cracks, wide roads w/light damage. 

5/4 - IP updated.

4/29 - Enabled All rotations on Drawbridge and Powered Drawbridge.

4/29 - Adjusted Savory rifle for balance to other rare "super" weapons. Increase Damage to entities slightly, bumped magazine size default to 18, and increase firing rate from 120 to 180.

4/21 - Increased XP for Spiders (Brown small - 3000, Black Small - 3500, Queen - 4000) to compensate for HP levels. Fixed Fish trap (sellable to trader), Made all sinks/stoves in UBBI functional).  

4/21 - Adjusted HP on ZTensity's UBBI - Window HP increased to 3000 (Bulletproof glass level). 

4/15 - Increased Flamethrower damage to entities in order to make it an effective weapon. Added special ammo, and Screamer beacons.

4/3 - New world STARTING TODAY, NOON PST with custom 14K map. Added ZT Personal Elevator. Swapped out Mean Cloud fishing for Teltric's A19 Fishing modlet.

3/5 - We are adding Non-fuzzy bulletproof glass and FlameThrowers. Take care of those pesky spiders the fun way. Barbeque them!

2/10 - Added small brown/black spiders to Bloodmoon spawning table. Increased late game chance on Bloodmoon for Scorchers, Gheists, Juggernauts, and archons. Increased spawning rate of spiders in both desert night (moderately) and forest night (Significantly). Increased HP significantly (brown 900HP, Black 1100HP, Queen 2500), jumping, and speed of spiders, and XP reward for spider kills.

2/6 - Changed nighttime, general. and desert night spawns. Added Telric's spiders (modified slightly for rarity/locations - will tweak size, speed, and intensity over the next few weeks). Added Concrete bundling (20% discount for 1,000 bundle).  

1/26 - Increased Chance of nighttime encounter with Undertaker, Farmer, Scorcher, Archon and Cowhead.

1/24 - 7 Days to Die - Added Undertaker, Farmer, Scorcher, Cowhead, and Archon to nighttime zombie group. 

1/23 - New brass balance "permanent". Increased rarity of Siren at night to make it more "special". Starting experimental testing on Screamer effect for animals for Siren (Bears, snakes, and wolves). Increased Gheist appearance at night overall and the Forest biome at night. Slight increase of Juggernaut on Bloodmoon at late gamestage. 

1/18 - Adjusted brass shells to utilize 3 brass per shell. Original concept was to add other materials/process to make more brass, but will adjust "value" instead first. Also considering new sources for brass scrap. Decreased rarity for Gheist, Undertaker, Scorcher, and Juggernaut in biome/wandering. 

1/15 - Added more complexity to BIOME modlet - Harvest materials adjusted to slightly more complex and productive harvesting rates - Added random sand drops in other soil types - Work in progress. Starting Prep for new Map start with Nitrogen/Compopack47. Will start when buffs finished on GeekGaming for top tier foods (Random effects within specific effects) and apple pie added.  

1/14 - Updated to V 1.2.7 of UBBI. Tweaked Server-side for HP on doors. Tweaked food modlets for balance. Adjusted Max allowed view distance to 12, slightly nerfed Max zombies.

1/9 - Installed new high speed router. IP Address updated -

1/4 - 7 Days to Die: Adjusted HP on some doors in new UBBI modlet. Will adjust recipes to match resources needed. Also slightly increased chance for Snufkin's ultra-rare weapons. Added Hind helicopter and boating modlet.

1/3 - Add Ztensity's Unnecessarily Beautiful But Immersive

Adjusted Hit damage to Valmod's Traps (Chance to make it through a bloodmoon).

1/1/21 - Added slightly more ammo to loot.

12/30 - Created new recipes for Teltric's A19 Gates - Iron/Mechanical parts - Adjusted HP on all gates - HP based upon size/materials. Also adjusted repair costs.

Increased chance for Holiday weapons.

Increased chance for "ultra rare" weapons in Snufkin's mods.

12/29 - Another Difficulty ramp up - Daytime zombies set to jog. Ammo counts in loot increased slightly. New Gates modified to increase HP to 10,000 (Same as Drawbridge).

12/23 - Difficulty ramp up - Spawning tables modified slightly in regard to frequency and random sizes of wandering hordes, etc. 

11/29 - Geek Gaminng Trick or Treat modlet bug fix - Added missing Soylent Green Schematic. Adjusted loot values. Updated Valmod's Expanded Traps with new icons/schematics to fix book unlock issue.

11/22 - Added Geek Gaming Trick Or Treat Food Modlet - Adds Tier 1-5 foods, new recipes, Drinks, and Candies - Works with Fishing Modlet and More Cooked Foods - loot table additions and combined recipes for looted ingredients. More to be added, as well as more complex Buffs. Added PHD Lights, Wireless Fuse Box. Added more Ore realism with slightly randomized mining. Biome tweaks to ensure need for clothings/food for survival in extreme biomes (more tweaks to come). 

11/6 - Added Server-side Snufkin's weapons (modified) and Server-side Iceburg's craft pipe modlet 

10/25-2020 7 Days to Die - We have imported our Tig's Track (Race track) into the world (A19GeekGaming2) near 0,0. It may require a world redownload but nothing has been touched beyond that one region. We have also determined the glitch that was causing issues with biome zombie and animal spawns. It has been fixed and Snufkin's Zombies are back again.

10/22 - Cranked up Zombie counts and frequency on A19GeekGaming2 - Running Stable version

10/9 - Server IP updated to Working on new recipes for GGFoodpack modlet. Testing this weekend.

10/6 - A19GEEKGAMING2 - modified Snufkin's Zombie pack - Heavily modified Spawn tables for bloodmoon. Added HJ Elevator.

10/2 - A19GeekGaming2 Server started - Expect re-balancing for first week. Pay attention to Discord for updates.

10/1 - New Second Server in testing - 16K Nitrogen Compopack46. Will launch officially on 10/3. 

9/20 - Updated to A19.1 B8

9/13 - Updated to A19.1 B4. Updated Khaine's Bigger Backpack (with food/water) to 10 slot version to maintain compatibility).

9/7 - BDub's Vehicles updated 

8/27 - Due to some red errors, we have temporarily pulled the Snufkin's mods until we can determine the source of the object reference errors we are getting. Will reactivate after we determine/resolve those issues.

8/26 - Updated Morecookedfoods to add new recipes, modify existing. Added Spartan swords. Major server-side updates of Snufkin's Zombies and Weapons (modified - Removed overpowered weapons, major adjustments to Zombies: Loot, Bloodmoon table, nerfed Juggernaut and baby Juggernaut, added rare chance for baby juggernaut to show in Wasteland night, added some zombies to various POI groups)

8/16 - Valmod's Expanded Traps (modified - Fixed bad icons, removed spike traps except for steel fire trap, added repair ability for traps, changed durability. Will lock behind Advanced Engineering (as well as current schematic) at some point down the road. Testing new Spartan sword which will most likely make it's way into the server next patch round. Also added Valmod's working sinks/stoves modlet.

8/24 - Throttled Wasteland/Burnt biome zombie spawns slightly. Added MoreCookedFoods (modified) - (WIP) tweak recipes to make them "vanilla" in regard to buffs/loot. Location text altered. Solar Panels bumped to 480 Max power. Testing Working Sinks/Stoves.

8/21 - After bumping up ammo counts, we have now cranked up zombie counts across the world. Wasteland and Burnt biomes significant increase and infinite respawning. Forest, Desert, and Snow all will see increase in zombie counts also.

8/20 - Toned down particle/weather effects in snow/wasteland/burnt biome as visibility was not reasonable for flight. Bumped Loot and trader ammo amounts for Standard Shotgun, 9mm, and 7.62 types along with slight bump to bullet tips and Casings. Added infinite stream of zombies in both Wasteland and Burnt Biomes.


8/17 - Power modification to Generator (bumped to 5,000 fuel capacity), Battery Bank (upped to 400 Watt capacity and adjusted power tick), and Solar Bank (Cells worth 60 watts - 360 Watt max output).

8/15 - Slightly bumped Standard 9mm and 7.62mm loot in preparation for world zombie increase, Snufkin's zombies add on in new map.

8/13 - Updated to A19 B180



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New tweaks (see edit history)
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  • 3 weeks later...

Server is back to "normal" settings for XP.


I have ramped up base ammo (non-HP/AP) loot possibility slightly.

Land claims now set to 5 - Was upgraded from 3. Depending on the client count, this may be throttled back down.

Zombie night speed set to Run - Throttled down from Sprint to Run.

Edited by Ti2xGr (see edit history)
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  • 4 weeks later...

Hope your Thanksgiving was filling (in the U.S.). While some slaughtered turkeys, our players were slaughtering zombies.


NEW Christmas presents coming soon! Join the server to find what's wrapped for you. Stay tuned for Santa's treats!

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PVE: 10K New Nitrogen map - Lots of mega cities, few lakes, ocean border, random biomes with added wasteland and burned biomes.


WARNING: Significant undead in Wasteland (all the time) and Burned biomes at night. Do not recommend entering until late game. Extra Animal life in all biomes except city.


TO balance extra zombies, plentiful ammo found within world.


5 Landclaim blocks due to map size. Build a bigger base or build them across the map.


Horde night still on a 10 Day with a 3 day swing.


7 Days of Christmas is ON. Don't miss out on extra treats!!!

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On the 1st day of Christmas and our 10K custom map, my true Demolisher gave to me...Loot at 200%, slightly shorter nights, and some extra XP! The elves are all uptight....because tonight, it looks to be...another horde night! Scramble for weapons, scurry for ammo. Looks like Rudolph or perhaps another beast, may have just been slaughtered, prepped, and cooked for our upcoming Christmas feast. Be warned. Be aware. We cranked up the zombies in the Wasteland. The survivors they mourned. Even Santa with his two M-60's and Stun baton won't dare.

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Six days till Christmas and all seemed the norm. Everything was quiet, except for the wandering hordes. All of a sudden, Loot started dropping from zombies at an accelerated rate. Slaughter the zombies before it's too late. If you think that is good, Santa thought it was great! He decided to give out SIX TIMES the XP on this very special pre-Christmas date.

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Five days till Christmas and horrors await. Better make sure the person behind you is the bait. Five hours of warning is not much time. For on that hour, the red bell chimes. Santa is bringing some packages tied with bows, with FIVE TIMES THE LOOT to those who are willing to mow down those scantily clad hoes.

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Four reindeer survived the night. Santa huddled up on the roof in fright. Dasher and Dancer were scavenged for meat, as Mrs. Claus had nothing but festering vulture flesh left to eat. Me, with my cigar, were guarding down below with FOUR times the XP, and plenty of AP ammo.

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Twas the nightmare before Christmas and all through the base, all hands on deck as zombies gave chase. A splattering of joyous XP and some wrapped up presents to boot. Someone fix up that Blade trap, and load up those turrets. We have naughty elves to loot!

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The presents all shine, glistening under the tree along with oodles of Loot, and Gobs of XP. What is that I hear? The sounds of Screamers abound, you should fear. As all these doodles, ammo, and pie, will be gone in the blink of an eye. Better fill your stockings up now, Because Blood moon is looming for you to die.

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We are bringing in the New Year with a slaughterfest. All the zombies have decided to show up to our New Years Eve party! We have cranked up the population of zombies across the map. If you are new to the map, holler at someone and we can bring you to a base to get suited up. This is not an easy map, but the ammo in world is balanced to it. As an added kicker, we're giving away 2X the XP through the new year!

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New PVE (PVP Stranger on) Server started with Compopack42 Nitrogen generated with custom settings. 275 Extra user generated POI's added to the pot, over-sized world with more cities, more life in world, with more ammo and more zombies in world. Standard difficulty. Horde night...all night. 10 day with a 3 day swing. On 24/7 excluding reboots. A18 GEEK GAMING, Discord for headset - Join our channel - https://discord.gg/qEMRS58


You will need to download and install Compopack42. It is easy to do.


You will need to download Compopack42, install the Prefabs into your Prefab folder. For most, this can be found at C:\Program files (x86)\Steam\Steam Apps\Common\7 Days to Die\

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We have added the bigger backpack and Food/Water UI to the server. This is an easy one to add. Download here - https://gitlab.com/KhaineGB/khainemodlets/-/archive/master/khainemodlets-master.zip?path=KHA18-96BBMFW

You need to copy this folder (KHA18-96BBMFW) within the zip and put it in your mods folder located in the root folder of your game. If you need help installing it, let me know.

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We have now added Bdub's Vehicle pack and Backpack Buttons for quick sorting! If you need help with installing your mods, don't hesitate to reach out.


The Vehicle pack requires a clean install of the mod pack. If you already have Vehicles downloaded in another modlet, you will most likely have to remove them before installing this vehicle pack. It has everything from biplanes to bikes and everything in between. Really liking the Helicopter...just sayin'. Just copy the BDubs vehicle folder into your Mods folder located in the root of your game folder. Most people on our Discord can walk you through if an Admin isn't immediately available.




Note: This is a PVE Friendly Server. If you are into casual play involving teamwork, conversation, or just wandering solo within an active world, this is the server for you. However, If you steal or threaten others, you will be booted/banned. The Server is volunteer hosted and maintained. We do not ask for donations. We just ask that you are courteous to others.

Edited by Ti2xGr
Adjusted wording of PVE Friendly server to make rules clear. (see edit history)
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