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  1. Thank you for the mod sir I for one am enjoying it and am super happy I don’t have to wait for stable
  2. Big picture works with vanilla but for me it doesn’t with the mod, nor does it work for me in the other mod I’ve tried it in, shame as it limits my play session length
  3. Tried this mod last night and what i saw was fantastic, however I was limited to short 1/2 hour sessions due to lack of controller support, would be fantastic if it could be added in at some point, I crushed my hand when I was younger and can’t last on a keyboard for more than a short while, I know it’s not a priority but I thought I’d mention it
  4. never mind I just learned how to use the search function on my computer
  5. can i use this mod with a nitogen map?
  6. I literally do 0 quests, so yes it’s you choosing to play that way
  7. Hey Dutchie would love the opportunity to join the server, I’m super chill, 41 and looking for a good mature(ish) group
  8. my controller wont work with mods i install through the launcher anyone have any ideas on a work around?
  9. Anyone tell me where the battery bank is gated? Hey I swear I’ve looked everywhere
  10. Yes I have the same issue I’ve stopped launching through mod launcher and haven’t had an issue since
  11. I realize I’m probably alone here but I Ike to use a controller, any chance you’ll add the ability to use one in the future
  12. Awesome, thank you sir I’ll try that shortly, super appreciate you spelling it out for me
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