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    There is a modlet that adds zinc and copper into the game as mine-able resources so that you can make brass.
  2. I might be interested but would like more details. Server settings and location? Playing as one big group? Set schedule for playing?
  3. IMO 7days is an open-world crafting survival game, not an RPG that has bosses and raids. I rarely ever play until day 100, preferring to restart to try out new perk builds or base designs. Creating large scale buildings with style the focus instead of practicality is fun. Playing with different settings or modlets is also fun. After that, I play with mods! Darkness Falls, War of the Walkers, Undead Legacy, etc.
  4. I voted "Yeah Sure" because it seemed the most middle of the road choice to me. I really wanted to vote that it depends on how it is implemented. First, if food spoilage is added to the game then in game creation options I want the ability to adjust it (percentage based like other options, so 150%, 100%, 75%, etc.) Second, different cooking recipes or methods should be changed to effect food spoilage (for example, historically smoking or salting meat was used to preserve it. could even add jar preservation or working frigs) Third, I think before adding food spoilage, it would be important to balance cooking, farming, and food looting. Fourth, while a potentially good mechanic, in my opinion the challenge of food spoilage would diminish over time. So it would be challenging earlier to mid-game but once established I think it would be more of a nuance than a challenge. Fifth, I want to second what someone else posted earlier in that I feel that there are higher priorities in the game right now then food spoilage.
  5. I question the inclusions of quests at all in the game. For me, quests move the game further away from a unique zombie survival simulator towards more mainstream RPGs. Now should every POI have as much loot as they currently do? Probably not.
  6. I started playing in A14 and I remember collecting wood, stone, and grass that first day so I would craft stone axes all through the night in a house surrounded by chests! I understand why they removed the mechanic that required you to craft thousands of items to increase your skill but it was realistic in that you had to actually do something to get better at it.
  7. I have a few issues with PvP (besides the obvious hacking, dup bugs, and exploits): 1) While I agree with Shivan78 that your base should be at risk, the current system punishes players that can't play as much as their opponents. Steel walls and LCBs that will take 10 hours to break through? No problem for the guy that can play all day while you're at work. 2) Established/high level players killing new players and raiding their base is griefing IMO. A grey bow and stone axe can't compete against a player with a 600 sniper rifle and 200 wellness. It's not even a challenge. 3) Starting on a fresh PvP server gives you a huge advantage. This is related to point #2, but if you start fresh and gain an advantage and play enough to maintain it, you will be ahead of most players. For this reason, I'm always surprised to see forum posts asking for new players to join an established PvP server. 4) Solo can't win against a group. Yeah maybe you kill one of their members 1v1 or even win a 1v2 but ultimately they can overwhelm you and destroy your base. Plus when you start getting into group strategies with specialized roles, etc. you gain a huge advantage. And yes, #1 happened to me. Maybe some people are willing to start over after losing 30-40 hours of work but I just moved on.
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