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Personal dedicated server crash caused major problems.


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Currently we (close friends and I) are working on starting a new server, the one that crashed was only a few hours old. But I'd still like to know how to fix this in the future.



Started a new server with the 7DTD dedicated server system provided by Steam, and about 5 hours into it's life, my buddy's home server crashed (Fu** you, windows server system, we're going to linux) and when we started the server up again, we had to redownload the map and a few things happened:


1: No trees. anywhere at all.

2: Reduced mob spawning. nearly every prefab has no zombies inside

3: when the map is opened, it is all grey except for the small area you're standing in. moving the map will result in that area

being erased, in a way. map cannot be moved.


Like I said, to me, this isn't exactly critical, but it would still be good to know why, especially if this happens to others.

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Logs from the crash. Logs from after the crash. Logs from the clients. Information on how the server is configured. Information on what caused the crash. There's a lot missing from your report.


You might take a gander at reading the sticky thread that tells you to read it before starting a new thread.

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As mentioned, logfiles helpful. That said, I've had this happen to me numerous times (Hosting on a Windows 10 Desktop system). Exact symptoms - No trees, map greyed out, wierd glitches in the visuals (can't see towns on the horizon, etc). Every time I've been able to fix this, it was rolling back the main.ttw file that ended up repairing the issue. During the initial crash, it looks like the Main.ttw file was corrupted and then on reload, backed up the corrupt file (much smaller than the saved file). Since then, we aggressively backup - Every hour we snapshot the entire directory. We did not have to restore the map or users - Just the Main.ttw file from earlier in the game. From the looks of it, the main.ttw was basically reset to ground zero during the crash. Side note, often - a user would also be reset to level 1 again despite their base still intact. This was, until we rolled back that file. Then, everything was right in the world again. Any which way, it was/is fixable for us.

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