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Possible to delete SleeperVolume spawning from a prefab in a running game?


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Hey! I have some questions that is over my understandning of the sleepervolumes.


Since the landclaimblocks doesn't seem to actually keep zombies from respawning, I was pondering if it is possible to swap to creativemode or DM or something and just remove the spawningpoints manually from the 'claimed' sites we intend to use?


Or does it suffice to place woodframes on the spawnlocations to 'remove' the spawner? It seems to block spawns while the frames are there, but will they commence to spawn when the frames are removed?


The gameserver is on my own physical windows dedicated server so have full access to it.



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Yeh once the poi spawns the volumes are written to the chunk, so nothing you can really do ... Well... Ok...


Copy the prefab file with the one you are in


Remove the volume from the copy's xml


Edit the world folders prefabs.xml and replace THAT coordinate's prefab with the copy


Delete the region file (losing all custom changes)


...so I guess the answer is really "nothing practical".

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